Unli sex: the foundation of Islam

Women wearing the burqa. This garment is not mentioned anywhere in the Qu’ran yet is imposed as a part of Idslamic tradition.

Unlimited sex after death: the foundation of Islam.

The basis of the patriarchy is nowhere better seen today than in Islam. This is not because this cult is intrinsically worse than the other Abrahamic ones, but largely because while the most rabid excesses of the others have become marginalised, in Islam the most obnoxious form is mainstream today.

This is a very dangerous situation because the aim of this form, Salafism, sometimes called ‘Wahabbism’, is the destruction of all civilisation other than the Islamic and the return of the world to the conditions that obtained in the Caliphate a thousand years ago. To this end Islamic forces are rampaging across the globe killing, raping and razing to the ground everything that they find.

Yet we know that people are essentially altruistic. So how is it possible for a cult to motivate them to such focussed evil as it does?

This is what really motivates the jihadist — the promise of a Hugh Hefner-like afterlife, his every sexual urge attended to by perpetual virgins. Frankly he’d be better off blowing a wad in Pattaya

The answer is in the control of sex.

When we researched Why Men Made God we spent a lot of time looking at extant and recently recorded matriarchies. We were struck by how peaceable they were and how calm and pleasant the men were. In these matriarchies the supply of sex is determined by women. Yet it appears that there is enough to satisfy the men and very little friction takes place between them, if any. This compares well to study of bonobos, Pan paniscus, our closest relatives, who also organise in matriarchal groups. The males are contented and non-aggressive.

This shows us the key to the patriarchy’s power. By restricting the supply of sex, it causes competition and violence between men. It can then direct this violence to its own ends — typically conquest and destruction.

To do this, the patriarchy first removed women’s control over their own sexuality and reproduction. This remains the case today. Witness how in the Christian cults, any form of birth control — other than abstinence — is condemned. Look at how the Catholic and various Evangelistic cults try to influence politicians to deny women their basic rights over their own bodies. Look at how sex, in these cults, is condemned as a pleasure. This is happening for a reason, and that reason is social control.

And if you think that is bad, it’s nothing compared to the hideous conditions imposed under Islam. In this cult, high-status men can have up to four wives. There is, generally, a slightly higher number of girl births (53% in favour of girls); but if high-status men can have four wives, this clearly means that low status men struggle to find one. Add to this the concubine system in which high-status men may keep as many female sex slaves as they like in addition to their official wives and it should be clear that for ordinary men there are very few women who might possibly be available. This has been exacerbated for certainly decades and probably far longer, by the practices of aborting female children or killing the newborns.

The inaccessibility of sex is further reinforced by the Islamic customs of making women invisible. Their faces and bodies are covered completely, so that men are denied even the pleasure of seeing them. The lengths to which Islamic ‘authorities’ go in this is ludicrous and would be laughable were it not real. For example, Salman Rushdie recounts how Islamic clerics had decided that it was unacceptable for a woman to wear stockings even under a burqah, since the sound of her thighs rubbing together would inflame men. Everything in Islam is about sex, yet nobody is getting any.

The natural consequence of this should be that men would have sex with each other, but Islam is wise to this and so sex between men is punishable by death. It happens anyway throughout the Islamic world, but the cult does its best to stamp it out, at least in public, and for those who don’t matter.

Then, Islam attempts to eliminate male pleasure in sex using a barbarous procedure called circumcision which removes over half the sensitive parts of the penis. The specific reason for this is to reduce sexual pleasure. This is also practised in Judaism and in the more backward parts of the USA, for exactly the same reasons: the reduction of male pleasure in sex. At the same time Islam in particular sanctions Female Genital Mutilation which removes all pleasure in sex from women.

Why is this happening? The answer is simple: denying men any sexual release makes them more violent. This is why boxers refrain from sexual release prior to a fight. It makes them more aggressive. Islam needs violent, aggressive men to conquer the world, so it uses the same trick.

The other side of this vile equation comes, of course, in the afterlife. There is no trickery more sickening than the religious promise of reward after death, but this is far more vile than anything Christians ever came up with.

In Islam, the only assured way to enter Heaven is by dying in jihad, which means being killed in holy war. There are conditions to this: principally, one must not be killed by a woman. Furthermore, self-sacrifice, as practised by suicide bombers, is the ultimate, highest form of such a death and guarantees instant access to Heaven. To quote the excellent film Four Lions, a suicide bomber is ‘in Heaven before his head hits the ceiling.’

After a lifetime of sexual frustration the Muslim man looks forward to his fantasy playground after death — but only if he dies killing infidels

This Heaven is not the vague place of lights and music that Christians believe in. The Muslim version is very specific. In this Heaven the newly dead warrior is welcomed be 72 girls who are indescribably more beautiful and sensuous than any human woman and who, in addition, have a virginity that is renewed every day.

These girls, these celestial purveyors of sexual pleasure, are called ‘houris’. Now it has somewhat been lost by usage, but the correct pronunciation of the English word ‘whore’ is ‘hoor’ to rhyme with moor and poor, and not with door and floor. (A hoe is what you use to weed your lettuces.) This word is derived directly from the Arabic houri, and means the same thing — a female purveyor of sexual pleasure: a sex slave. Let’s be blunt: a courtesan.

So let us look at what is happening here. In Islam, women are reduced first to property that may be bought and sold, as is the case in other patriarchal religions. They are then completely hidden, in life, from all men except their fathers or the high status men to whom they are sold. Their hymens are made the measure of their property value and a woman who comes to the marriage bed with hers not intact may be stoned to death. There is a whole industry of hymen repair in countries where this abomination is the case and in Indonesia girls who wish to go to university and many other areas of life are obliged to undergo an examination to establish that they are ‘intact’. While this abuse may make the stomach heave, apparently it is all right because it is for ‘religious reasons’.

As a result of this, and the fact that half the sensitivity of the man’s penis has been removed, the principal reward of sex — for those men for whom it actually happens at all — is the forcible removal of a woman’s virginity. This is why Female Genital Mutilation exists — so that men whose genitals have already been mutilated may enjoy the tightness of the closed vagina — until, of course, motherhood fixes that.

Remember that the real meaning of ‘virgin’ is ‘unmarried woman’ which translates roughly into ‘a woman who has not yet given birth’. Having a child of course changes a woman, but in Islamic culture, the man’s sexual delight may only come from a virgin (in the sense of never having given birth). This was why the Ottoman Emperors’ concubines, were they so careless as to fall pregnant, would usually find themselves at the bottom of the Bosphorus; their sexual quality expired, they had no further use.

In this culture, a woman is not understood to have pleasure in sex and instead it is her duty. We see something similar in attitudes in the more benighted parts of that most benighted of developed nations, the USA, where ignorance about sex is staggering.

For Muslim men the pleasure of a woman is all in the taking her virginity. Once a mother — and having acquired the power that a mother has even in a vicious patriarchy — a woman becomes valueless as a sexual partner and men will take another wife or a concubine. This is why the houris are perpetual virgins. The taking of virginity is the ultimate sexual reward in the patriarchal cults and nowhere more so than in Islam. Rape, the forcible entry into a suffering woman, replicates what they believe to be the first act of sex, the loss of female virginity. Pain and suffering on the part of the woman are seen as intrinsic to sex and without it, sex is unsatisfying.

It is also why Islam approves of child brides — the suffering of a girl child penetrated for the first time is so much greater, and her opening is so much tighter. That permanent damage may ensue is irrelevant, since the ‘prophet’ Mohammed married his last wife when she was six and raped her at nine. Just in this month a law proscribing child marriages and forced marriages (of women) was blocked in Pakistan because it was ‘blasphemous’ and ‘anti-Islamic’. We need little more proof of the hideous misogyny of this ghastly cult than this.

So we have, in Islam, a refinement of the Abrhamic patriarchal mind-control systems. While many of the techniques used, such as male genital mutilation occur in other cults, nowhere esle do we see the full panoply, the distillation of control over sex into a method that makes ordinary men into rapists and murderers. While it is true that not all Muslim men are prey to this, the poorer, less well-educated and more religious the culture they come from, the more likely they are to be. Yet even here we must be wary: as Maajid Nawaz has pointed out, in the 1990s in the UK the choice amongst young Muslim men was not whether to become a religious fundamentalist but which flavour one should immerse oneself in. Unfortunately, for these people — principally men — Islam has become a badge of ethnicity, a common shield and buckler against the persecution perpetrated by a white, southern English elite*.

The West would do well to note this. Bleeding-heart regressive ‘liberals’ in particular have to understand that there is no ‘intersection’, no common ground between defending the rights of women and Islam. You cannot say you defend women while protecting a cult that overtly, deliberately and systematically abuses them.

The Salafist form of Islam, which Saudi Arabia has been financially supporting for decades, makes ordinary men into murdering, raping monsters, while turning women into chattels. If there is one consolation in the predicament the world now finds itself in, it is that plummeting oil prices should limit the power of this most noxious of regimes to export its evil, and with some luck may even lead to its destruction.

Nevertheless, there are, today, millions of Muslim men all over the world who literally and sincerely believe that the only hope they ever might have of enjoying sexual pleasure lies in dying while killing infidels and destroying all culture but the depraved one that spawned them. The free world needs to take stock and defend itself. It is all very well to be generous; but when the wolf at the door fully intends to destroy you, it is sheer foolhardiness to welcome him in.

* It is noteworthy that Scottish Muslims appear far less likely to follow this path than English ones; I suspect this is at least in part because they make their common cause with other Scots against the English ruling elite, whereas in England this is not available.

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5 thoughts on “Unli sex: the foundation of Islam”

  1. Great Article Rod.

    Islam is a fucked up Ideology… However deep down I believe Islam and Muslims know they have failed. When Muslims introspect and compare Islam vs Christo-Judeo Civilization (Western Civ) there is no comparison… Almost all Technology and Science we use today is due to Western Civilization… Jeez even the Black Gold that made the Arabs/Muslims rich was extracted by Western tech and Know how! They hate Western Civilization because they CANNOT replicate it by themselves, this is largely due to MASSIVE and IRREVERSIBLE (Int he Short/Medium Term) Inbreeding/Mass Cousin Marriage and a Closed Minded/Non-Thinking Theocracy!

    The only part of the article I disagreed with:

    *** It is noteworthy that Scottish Muslims appear far less likely to follow this path than English ones; I suspect this is at least in part because they make their common cause with other Scots against the English ruling elite, whereas in England this is not available.**

    I disagree because Muslims in Northern Ireland /Scotland and Wales are very low population most British Muslim are in England:

    Scotland = 1.4%
    Wales = 1.5%
    Northern Ireland = 0.2%
    England = 5% (However concentrated overwhelmingly in – London/West Midlands/Greater Manchester/Bradford and a few other Secondary Cities, EG – Leicester/Luton/Coventry etc…)… Outside that The UK is very European (like it should be)!

    However to be fair to Western Muslims MANY are very secular/Muslim in Name only and Many Intermarry… I do feel sorry for them when the SHIT HITS THE FAN and the Eventual backlash happens and it will (its when not if)!

    So the main reason why Scottish Muslims are so good is their low numbers… I noticed even in the US for the most part they are well behaved(ish) however I also noticed the folowing trends:

    Under 2% Population = All Good/Keep Quiet
    2% to 5% = Start pushing for things
    5-10% – mass bombings and riots (France)
    10-20% = Mass Slaughter/Killing = Ethiopia/India
    Upto 50% = Increasing Islamification = Malaysia
    50-80% = Persecution of Minorities
    80-98% = Forced assimilation of Minorities or kill them..
    +98% = Start killing each other to prove (more pierce muslim or complete societal collapse due to Inbreeding and Theocracy)!


    1. Hi Rick

      Catching up here. Yes I agree, basically. Islam alone has not the power to defeat the West. However, I think we may have been blindsided. The real threat is from Feminism, which is using Islam. Feminism is no longer just about women’s equality and has not been since the 70s. It is about the eradication of masculinity and the takeover of all power in society by women. All. Not a balance, all. To that end it has allied itself with, and given new strength and direction to, black supremacism through groups like BLM; other ethnicist and racist groups; and of course to the cult of Islam. Feminist kno9w that Islam detests Western masculinity as much as they do, though for different reasons; and my enemy’s enemy is my friend. So they are willing to see women raped by Muslims as long as the blame falls on men generally. The end, after all, justifies the means. Feminism, in its form since the 1970s, is just Marxism by another name. It will show no scruples in achieving the destruction of Western culture, which has always been the end of Marxism. So it uses Muslims while they are available; it rightly sees that, in the USA, where the rot is worst, Muslims are an easily countered threat, with their numbers — as you pointed out — too low to cause serious damage. But as a spearhead for a concerted attack on society, they are indeed useful.

      The situation is somewhat different in Europe, where things are rapidly getting out of hand because there is already a destabilising number of Muslims. Civil war in Europe is close.

      It is possible that Feminism has already made the fatal mistake that will sink it. Looking at the history, it might be that war is the way that, historically, the sex-based balance of society has been maintained. The real function of men is as Warriors, the defenders. Feminism plummets when societies are under imminent military threat. There is an argument that war is not only inevitable but necessary, to re-establish social equilibrium and drive back the domination of Feminism. Men will not fight their own women; but they will fight other men who threaten them.

      Funnily enough, Feminists and their fellow-travellers have often been called ‘useful idiots’ by those who oppose Islamification. But I think, now, that the Islamist Muslims — most of whom are uneducated and easily led — might actually be the useful idiots, the pawns in Feminism’s bid for total control of society and the destruction of the West.

      Best R

      1. Thanks Rod for the response. I am on holiday now so will reply in full when I return next week. Thanks again for the great posts!

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