Russell Hunter in 1988

Originally posted 2017-10-09 13:35:42.

russell hunter 1998 rod flemingRussell Hunter (1925-2004) was one of Scotland’s most loved theatrical characters and a fine actor. I photographed him many times. but I think this was the most fun. Russell was a genuinely funny man, despite the fact that. in later life at least, he was somewhat typecast as a gloomy character actor on screen. On stage, he had a much broader portfolio. Although he was best known outside Scotland for his role as Lonely in the TV series Callan with Edward Woodward, there was nothing Russell could not do; he was a real actor’s actor.

We met and Edinburgh’s Chambers Street Museum and were together for about an hour — which was mainly spent cracking jokes and chatting about his new projects, with about 10 minutes actually taking pictures. Like all good Thespians, Russell knew exactly what a photographer needed. It was always a joy to work with him.

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