Trump Thanks Spoiled Brat Millennials Latest

trump winsA shaken world wakes up this morning to see Donald Trump as President-elect of the United States.

Naturally, ‘liberal’ motor-mouths and rent-a-quotes are already giving it laldy about how awful it is that a man like Trump could win.

I agree: Trump is awful; Trump is a boor; Trump is a misogynistic, sexist pig. He’s an oligarch, a perfect exemplar of USican morality — that is, he has none — and none too fucking bright, to put it mildly. His is the ideal face of Capitalism: dumb, self-interested, amoral and greedy.

If the Democrats had not been so artlessly corrupt; had they not brazenly stolen their nomination from Bernie Sanders and given it to a floor-slithering, warmongering political slug, they might have won. Sanders could have played the ‘decent man’ hand all the way to the White House. And he probably would have got the keys.

Instead, the Democrats rigged the election to nominate Hilary Clinton, whose only political asset is that she was born with a vagina. Yahoo. See the things is, lads and lasses, having double-X chromosomes doesn’t erase a history as an evil, warmongering, genocidal harpy in the pocket of the arms trade. It does not wipe out your past as a shameless political manipulator or destroyer of nations. Nor does it give you the bye for  provoking the refugee crisis that literally threatens to destroy Europe, or excuse you for being a blatant liar and a criminal.

If you want to beat a punk like Trump on a morality ticket, you have to show that you actually have some. Clinton doesn’t; Sanders does. Bad call, Democrats. Bad, bad, bad.

That’s not the real reason for the Trump-aster, though.

These reasons are not why Trump has been elected, though. Neither has it been because USicans are stupid; they are, but that’s not the reason they voted for him. What happened was that the grown-ups finally had enough.

Tornface Trump is heading to the White House because of whining, spoiled brat millennials.

That is, people who ‘came of age’ around the year 2000. This is the generation of Political Correctness, of Identity Politics and ‘Cultural Appropriation’.  It is the generation that believes that the best counter to an argument you don’t agree with is to silence it, not to debate it. The generation that thinks that free speech is fine — as long as you never disagree with it.

This is the generation that says white authors can’t write about black characters. That insists that every comment, on a particular group, must be prefaced by an assertion that the speaker is of that group. So unless I say ‘As a Scotsman,’ I am not supposed to talk about Scotland. And if I comment on transgender issues, because I am not myself transgender, then this is a shocking affront to trans people, even though I support them, and I must be silenced.

Social media echo-chambers

This is the generation that arranges the social media that are its source of information into echo chambers where only affirmative opinions are ever heard. It is the generation that seeks to destroy universities and make them into ‘safe spaces’ where special snowflakes will not have their dear little wings crumpled. Where opposing ideas are dangerous and must be eradicated — or the teachers who hold them hounded out of a job.

Well, the grown-ups have had enough of the noise from the nursery.

Millennials are a generation of weak-minded idiots and shameless spoiled brats; a generation whose first reaction to a challenge is to burst into tears and pull a tantrum.

For millennials, one point of view is as valid as any other. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ any more, just ‘narratives’. So why learn critical thinking or how to debate?


You have to understand the Foucauldian basis of millennialist ‘philosophy’. It holds that all ‘narratives’ are equally valid, so you can never establish that your argument is stronger than anyone else’s. So you have to not be exposed to opposing points of view, because they might make you actually have to fucking well think. You might have to come up with a set of opinions that are your own, and not just mindlessly bleat out those that your ‘Identity’ has been spoon-fed.

Heavens, you might have to evaluate propositions and come to a decision for yourself about their worth, instead of just chanting the words that you are supposed to chant, like a singing glove-puppet.

So you have to silence your opponents by ‘no-platforming’ them, right? After all, you have no intellectual tools to counter opposing points of view; you are nought but a cushion upon which is printed the arse of your airheaded ‘professors.’


Well, a good few of us are sick to the back teeth of this immature shit and that, my dear little petals, is what you just saw. Your trendy, vapid and fundamentally anti-democratic ideas have just been butt-fucked on national television. And not a moment before time.

You have at least four years of Tornface Trump to look forward to; I wonder how many of your cherished ‘protections’ will survive? I wonder how many men in suits and beards will be using sex-protected female-only spaces in 48 months? And that is only the beginning.


Most of what will happen is a catastrophe. Genuine trans women have just been handed a one-way ticket to 1995, thanks to a bunch of men in suits who ‘identify’ as women. I gotta tell you, ladies, standing up for those mutts was a mistake; but getting the millennials on your side was a bigger one.

Women are about to be hit by the biggest reversal in their fortunes since Sargon of Akkad. Their right to control their own sexuality and reproduction is now under clear and present threat. Their own bodies, in other words, will not be theirs; men will have ownership of them. And for this, they can thank whining, spoiled-brat millennials.

You Standing Rock protesters? It’s only going to get worse. The Indian massacres of hundred years ago are about to begin again. I cry for you, my brothers and sisters, for what has happened and for what will happen; but you can thank the millennials.

Millennial academics? Learn a trade

Oh, and all you ‘professors’ of ‘liberal studies’ in joke universities across the USA — learn a trade. Say, carpentry. Or plumbing. Good money in plumbing. Your gravy train just unhitched the caboose. And you have yourselves to blame for that, because you are the mouthpieces of the millennials. They don’t think; they just repeat what you tell them to think, because you have excised their powers of critical thinking and of debate — in order not to crumple any of their precious little wings.

The Western Patriarchy, far from lying down and drinking the flask of hemlock you prepared for it, has just gone full beast mode. It’s not a nice moment; but you asked for it.

You people asked for it and you got it. You provoked a sleeping tiger and it just bit you.

And by the way, you’d better make damn sure nothing bad happens to Tornface Trump, because you know who gets the Oval Office if anything does, don’t you? That’s right, Mike Pence. Trump may be the Dark Emperor but Pence is Darth Vader. Trump is a boor and an idiot; Pence is a force of true evil, who actually can think. You won’t be laughing if that one becomes President, believe me.

Trump’s win signed millennials out of political existence

The ‘millennial’ generation just signed itself out of meaningful existence. It has been taught that life is not a computer game. That free speech means free speech. That democracy doesn’t suffer the kind of childish manipulations that have become the trademark of whining, spoiled-brat millennialist philosophy and politics.

In eight years — you won’t get rid of Tornface Trump before that — the millennials will have ceased to be a force to be reckoned with. There will be a new generation, doubtless with its own claim to be more special than anyone else. And the millennials can weep from the sidelines.

Well, here’s the lesson: if you want change, you have to fight. You have to argue your case, not pretend that the opposing one doesn’t exist. You have to get out in public and face insult and offence, not hide yourself away in echo-chambers where all you hear are the second-hand thoughts that have been drip-fed into you, repeated by your own mouths.

That is how you became the glove-puppets of the Patriarchy. It is how you let Trump win.

6 thoughts on “Trump Thanks Spoiled Brat Millennials Latest”

  1. Trashy finger pointing. Did you even see the stats that this election (like Brexit) was purely one generation screwing another.

    I will never understand how the previous generations so easily hand wring their own culpability.

    Boohoo, our forebears say it was all our fault. The generation that dares to dream of something better – rather than preserve every last bit of racism/misogyny in the name of “humor.” The generation that MUST clean this crap up because we were left no better options.

    Go horde more resources for yourselves and leave the advancement to us. God knows you’ve done little to help besides whine.

    1. Oh did your little wingies get crumpled? Shame, there there now. Culpability for Trump lies fair and square on the doorstep of regressive leftists and millennial SJWs, which group I daresay you belong to.

      You won’t be cleaning anything up, petal. That is because you are clueless. Not because you are young, though your inexperience doesn’t help, but because you live in social-media echo chambers where all you hear is your own voice parroting mantras pump-fed into you by Foulcaudian Post-Modernists masquerading as ‘thinkers’. You go to universities where points of view that oppose your bizarre concept of reality are suppressed, so that you don’t have to learn how to think. You live in a tiny bubble where you hear only that which you want to hear, and when the truth bursts in, all you can do is suck your comfort blanket and bleat. You live in a frankly not very pleasant part of the world, in a country whose population is LESS the 4% of the world’s yet which thinks that everyone else has to go along with its ideas. Aye, right.

      You live on land that was stolen from the rightful owners — but I don’t see you campaigning to give it back; what I see is a lot of hand-wringing and crocodile tears. You profit from an economy that was founded in slavery, but I see no evidence that you are attempting to close it down. The racism endemic in your culture is appalling. Your country has never resolved the conflicts that caused the Civil War 150 years ago and shows no sign of changing.Yours is the dirtiest nation on Earth and the greatest threat both to the environment and world peace.

      And you have the utter impudence to tell other people what they may or may not say?

      You had your chance, mutt. You had an opportunity to make things better. You might even have been able to lay the foundations of a USA that was not — justifiably — loathed by every decent person on the planet. You might have changed things so that ‘USA’ was not synonymous with ‘warmongering, genocidal bully’. Nobody loves you, petal; but we wisely fear you, for you are a threat to us all.

      The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and my haven’t you proved that? You can’t win a debate if you refuse to have them because your feelings might get hurt, dough-head. Political Correctness betrayed you but worse, it betrayed all the people who need help.

      My girlfriend is TS. You think I want her to have to use a men’s room? Don’t be so fucking stupid. But when you insisted that men in suits with beards could actually literally be women because they say so, you made the whole campaign a laughing-stock. And do you think for one moment that I am going to silently tolerate the spread of the infection of Islam, when so many of my friends would be murdered by it, just for being who they are? Because a wet-behind-the-ears punk like you, who has never even opened the damn Qu’ran to see how odious it is, asserts that Muslims must be ‘protected’? Like hell.

      My girlfriend and millions of others will suffer because of your hubris. (Fortunately we don’t live in USica.) LGBT people are definitely going to suffer all across your benighted nation, and it is YOUR FAULT. Women’s rights have been dealt a body-blow, possibly even a death-blow, and the fault is all yours, petal. The rights that they gained over decades of struggle are now threatened — because of you and your childishness. YOU provoked a rabid, religious-right backlash; we didn’t.

      When you say, as you do, that it’s all right for Muslim men to murder, beat, kill, rape, flog and torture women, as they do every day and is specifically mandated in the foul code of Islam, and that this may never be challenged or even mentioned because Muslims have a protected ‘identity’, you paint ‘idiot’ in big letters on your own forehead. Men who harm women and philosophical codes that support this are evil and depraved and must be rooted out — not protected, as you have been doing.

      Don’t get high and mighty on me, punk; I’ve been campaigning since before you were born. YOU thought you could just waltz in and take over. Well I counsel you to look at the demographics. You’re not going to be changing anything. The reason for that is you don’t have the intellectual tools. YOU fired all the teachers who were challenging you, or silenced them in the name of ‘safe spaces’ where pretty little special snowflakes like you could go on living in your pink, perfumed echo-chamber, grooming your little fairy wings — instead of learning to think. You substituted ‘no-platforming’ for reasoned debate — and guess what? That idea went south big time.

      Grow a set and join the struggle. Your contribution thus far has hardly been helpful.

  2. Nice rant, I’m not going to get into it on your home turf but your assumptions about millennials is telling.

    You have no idea who I am, what I have done, and what I have gone through in the movement; yet here you are, painting me in the same broad strokes that (what I thought was) our common enemy uses. I have no inclination to present my credentials to you. I have no webpage that pays homage to myself that allows me to point fingers from on high and name call like a child from the safety of a keyboard (in another country, at that).

    However, credit where credit is due. You had some guts posting my comment, although your rant is rife with macho big man talk, I will grant that your own personal pedestal gives you the false-courage to publicly post your true ignorance. If you think we have no chance and can’t change anything then fine, get your useless corpse out of the way, snowflake.

    1. I won’t be getting out of the way of any anonymous internet coward who doesn’t have the guts to stand up in public, in their own name and tell it like it is. That, my dear, is the trademark of the butt-hurt special snowflake. You.

      If your contribution to ‘the movement’ (which ‘movement’, exactly?) is so great, get a blog page (There’s plenty for free) and tell us. Otherwise crawl back under your mummy’s skirt and stay there.
      What’s that? You don’t have any ‘credentials’? Too bad.

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