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Transgender – Is there really an increase?

Following on the significant increase in media exposure that transgender has enjoyed in recent weeks, is this phenomenon actually becoming more common?

soi-ladyboy-cropPhuket, Thailand. Midnight: Bangla Road is packed with tourists. They’re mostly Westerners and Russians, but many Asians and a smattering of Indians. There seems a disproportionate number of unattached males. The music is very loud, and throbbing.

Outside the bars, on elevated stages, Thai girls are dancing provocatively. They’re tall, fantastically beautiful, and seductive. They look, and move, like supermodels, but with better bodies. Then you realise: there are other Thai women here too, but they’re short, cute and pretty, not at all statuesque or magnificent. Alongside Thailand’s famous trans women, they are all but invisible, like candles next to a searchlight. It’s easy to see who has the attention of the gathered men.

On stage, one girl rolls her dress down to her hips so that her naked breasts and torso – she sports a delicate dragon tattoo on her back – are shown off, as she wriggles to the thrumming techno. Her body is as flawless as a Greek goddess’ and her dance mesmerising as a Siren’s: you just can’t help but watch and smile at her exquisite insouciance. Continue reading Transgender – Is there really an increase?

Why are transsexual women so desired by straight men? 1.

It simply won’t do to suggest that a pre-operative transsexual woman could fool a man into believing that he has entered a vagina, when in fact it is her anus, unless he’s a virgin. The two openings feel completely different, especially at the point of entry, and even allowing for the presence of a thick condom, lubrication and the possible influence of alcohol, this trick could not be pulled off without some willingness to play along on the part of the man. Yet plenty of men find transsex women very attractive and will seek them out and even pay in order to penetrate them. Why? Continue reading Why are transsexual women so desired by straight men? 1.

Travels With A Ladyboy 2: Culture Shock

Paco Park Manila
Paco Park, Ermita, Manila

My plan had originally been to make my trip to Asia after Christmas, but Carla had told me that she was unlikely to be available then. I was in contact with a number of girls, but only she had that spark, and I knew I wanted to meet her. She was lively and enthusiastic, but had an edge about her and a depth too, that I liked. She had a way of just knowing what I was thinking, even before I said it, that always bodes well for a new relationship.

 So I rearranged my schedule. In fact, November is the best time to go to Southeast Asia in any case. The typhoon season should have come to an end, and the temperatures are relatively low, with lots of sunshine. In addition, flight prices are twenty per cent or so cheaper then, than in March or April. I readily persuaded myself that making the trip sooner was justified on a whole raft of counts; other, of course, than my interest in getting to know Carla a whole lot better… Continue reading Travels With A Ladyboy 2: Culture Shock