Finesse: Cameron’s booby-trap

Is there a seagull above me or is it Cameron? Pic: PA

Finesse might be David Cameron’s middle name. He was a long-time and successful PR man before entering politics, and, having been one myself, I can assure you that this is a training that makes you grasp every opportunity to show how good you are. And of course, how stupid, incompetent and generally just bad your enemies are.

Now I freely admit I have not been impressed by Cameron. I’ll grant, though, that this may come from a general aversion to repulsive English public-schoolboys, especially when they’re wearing Scottish names. I feel they are betraying the old country somewhat.

And finesse never seemed to be one of Cameron’s aces. He’s a smooth-talker all right, and has nice taste in suits. But the word I would have chosen to describe him hitherto would have been ‘vapid’.

Well, maybe I was wrong.

A commenter in the UK’s Guardian newspaper by the name of ‘Teebs’ made the following statement in the aftermath of the Brexit meltdown. It regards the position Boris Johnson will be in, after Cameron effects his own resignation. Johnson is one of the leaders of the ‘Leave’ campaign and a very strong candidate to be next leader of the Tory Party, and so UK Prime Minister. Continue reading “Finesse: Cameron’s booby-trap”