Ronald Mackay: Fortunate Isle, a Memoir of Tenerife

fortunate isleRonald Mackay, who hails from Coupar Angus and Dundee, has just launched a new book of memoirs. Fortunate Isle: a Memoir of Tenerife, has been published by PlashMill Press ( The ISBN number is 9780957261280.

Fortunate Isle tells of Ronald’s adventure when, at the age of 18 and with £40 pounds in his sporran, he hitch-hiked to Spain and then took a tramp steamer to the Canary Isles.

Ronald Mackay was born in Scotland and lived first in Coupar Angus and then Dundee. He was educated at the Morgan Academy, Dundee, and then Aberdeen University. In 1960, at 18 and uncertain about a career, he worked his way through France and Spain and took a cargo-ferry from Cadiz to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands hoping, eventually, to reach Latin America. Short of money, he sought work on the island of Tenerife. After finding himself, almost by chance, in the tiny village of Buenavista del Norte, he was taken in by the sympathetic owner of a local family-run pension.

For the next year he lived in the village, under the towering volcanic peak of Tiede. He worked at a variety of manual jobs including plantation construction and the selection and packing of banana stalks for export. On foot he explored the plains, mountains and seacoast around the village, grew close to the people, and enjoyed many curious and lively adventures.

fortunate isle author ronald mackay
Fortunate Isle author Ronald Mackay

In the year that he spent in Buenavista, Ronald’s experiences forged his character and represent his coming of age. Fortunate Isle is a charming book that tells of a young man’s coming of age through his travel adventure. As well as moments of brilliant humour, it has high drama and deep reflection.

Publisher at PlashMill Press, Rod Fleming, said ‘We are delighted to launch this excellent book, which is a credit to its author. It’s a great read and ideal for those long dark nights.’

After leaving Aberdeen University in 1967, Ronald was appointed British Visiting Professor at Bucharest University. From the ’70s he turned to ‘problem-solving’ as a career. He laid the groundwork for a Master’s degree in Linguistics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico; tackled issues in Indian and Inuit education throughout Canada’s North and Arctic; pioneered courses in project planning, management and evaluation at Montreal’s Concordia University; and held visiting posts in Toronto, Edinburgh and Singapore.

Longing for the land, he farmed, first in Canada and then in Argentina, and used his expertise to help improve agricultural practice in many developing countries. Since 2012, he and his wife have lived overlooking Rice Lake, Ontario, in Canada.

Fortunate Isle is available in paperback through Amazon and other good booksellers at £11.99.