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Non-trans autogynephilia — a vital clue.

non-trans autogynephilia picture
This mutt ‘identifies as’ a woman and so insists on HIS ‘right’ to use women’s safe spaces. Is that reasonable? He has non-trans autogynephilia with low gender dysphoria. It does NOT make him a woman.

Autogynephilia is the primary stimulus for all non-homosexual male-to-female transsexualism. The original Blanchard definition  was ‘a man’s propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman.’ Others have defined it as,  ‘love of oneself as a woman’. But not all men with autogynephilia present as women. They exhibit non-trans autogynephilia. They are important because they shed light on both MtF transsexualism and male homosexuality.

Non-trans autogynephilia at first seems paradoxical, but in fact, Blanchard predicted it.  Amongst his possible types of autogynephilia is ‘behavioural’. In this, the man’s reward is not necessarily from dressing as a woman or from having a woman’s body parts, but from behaving as he thinks a woman would. In non-trans autogynephilia, one expression of this is a desire to have sex as a woman — in other words to be penetrated.

However there is another, much less well-known, sexualised reward available to the non-trans autogynephilic man. It may occur either with the desire to be penetrated, with others, or alone. This reward is that of being accepted as a woman.

Men with non-trans autogynephilia present as masculine men, often by wearing beards, but insist that they are ‘women’. It is important to realise that these men, because they are non-trans, are NOT transsexual. They make no effort whatsoever to appear as anything other than what they are — which is, masculine men.

‘Transgender’ is bastardised.

Transgender is a bastardised word; it has been stripped of any meaning it might ever have had and it is far better to use the term ‘Gender Non-Conforming’ or GNC, instead. Non-trans autogynephilic men do exhibit GNC, because their expected gender response does not conform to that which would be expected from their presented gender, or their birth sex. They are men who want to be called women, basically, and being called so gives them a sexual thrill. Nothing more.

One might be forgiven for thinking that this must be a rare thing indeed, but it is not. Men with non-trans autogynephilia were, until very recently, almost completely invisible. Since they present as men, nobody ever questioned that they were. But the fact that they were hiding in plain sight doesn’t mean they were not there.

So how does sexual reward work for these particular men? Well, this is specifically in being ‘accepted as women’. Let me illustrate. Every time a man like this is called ‘a woman’, it is a sexual release equivalent to an orgasm. It may not include a physical orgasm, but the sense of reward and release of sexual tension is the same. Such men get a similar sexual hit from being allowed to use women’s facilities, like toilets and so on. They get a sexual reward from being ‘accepted into’ — which usually means invading — women’s spaces.

The corollary to this is, of course, that if they are refused this reward, then the effect is similar to coitus interruptus and they behave exactly as we would expect a man to behave in such a situation — badly.

Women’s panties.

They may wear items of apparel that normally would be worn by women, but not in a way that is obvious. Frequently, they will wear women’s panties and in their narratives they describe how putting these on might cause them to involuntarily ejaculate. Wearing bras under men’s suits is also common. But in the end, these props are not really required in purely non-trans autogynephilia. No desire to appear to be women is necessary, because being accepted as women is their desired sexual reward.

Obviously, this is a rather difficult circle to square; it should be no surprise that men like this are leading an attempt insist that ‘gender is whatever an individual says it is.’ Clearly this is poppycock that could only have come from the land of eternal stupidity.

Blanchard never studied these men, since he was only looking at transsexual expressions of autogynephilia, that is, those individuals who sought medical and surgical treatment to transform themselves into more convincing-looking women. Their increasingly obvious existence requires us to add, to his list of forms that autogynephilia may take, a fifth: social. These men are sexually rewarded when the society around them treats them as if they were women (although they obviously are not.)

Now autogynephilic MtF transsexuals get the same sexual hit from being taken as women, but they make huge efforts to achieve this; and if, in the West, their attempts, as of Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner, are rather less than wholly convincing, we must give them credit for trying. Non-trans autogynephilic men desire to be accepted as woman without making any effort at all. In other words, they desire to be accepted as women and access women’s spaces, while retaining the privilege that the patriarchy affords them as men.


This is clearly delusional and not a little deceitful. Nevertheless, these men are politically very active. Readers may not know that in Canada, a law has been proposed that would make it illegal, punishable by imprisonment, to question the assertion of a man like this that he is ‘a woman’. That counts as institutionalised, government sponsored delusion.

These men may overlap with the set of secret fetishistic transvestite: that’s to say, they appear to be men most of the time, but may dress as women in private to pleasure themselves. However they are not exactly congruent with that set, since most secret transvestites do not seek social reward — being treated as if they were women by society.

One other sexual reward that may satisfy non-trans autogynephilia is penetration. Again, not all non-trans autogynephiles may desire this. However, a very large number does, far more, anecdotally at least, than those who only require social sexual reward.

For this group of men, the sexual release comes from playing the role of a woman in sex, by being penetrated. We have already described the power of sex as a woman here. A man with non-trans autogynephilia might well, in every other way, appear to be a gender conforming man, save for his obsession with being penetrated.


One form of this, which has become well-known, is called ‘pegging’. Frequently this begins with self-experiment, in which the man penetrates himself with a dildo or other similar object. He may then progress to asking his wife or other female partner to penetrate him with a dildo or strap-on.

Note that he is not seeking — at this point — to be penetrated by men. This man is gynephilic, which he has to be, in order to be autogynephilic. He is probably also homophobic and has been conditioned to find the idea of sex with a man as distasteful — even though he desires to be penetrated.

Moving down from this in actual numbers but up in intensity, we come to the autogynephilic ‘shemale’ lover. This is one of the categories of ‘trans-attracted’ or gynandromorphophilic (GAMP) men. Hsu et alia showed in two papers  that a significant proportion of GAMP men are autogynephilic. This is backed up by the narrative of transsexual sex workers, who frequently refer to the number of their male clients who like to be anally penetrated. This often becomes more intense and the client may desire to be dressed as a woman while having sex. In this case, the subject may eventually become a full transsexual autogynephile.

Trans and non-trans autogynephilia.

The principal difference between non-trans autogynephilia and the transsexual form is the lowered level of ‘gender dysphoria’ (GD) present in the former. GD is the sensation of discomfort and psychological trauma which transsexuals describe when they present in their sex-conforming gender (that is, born male, appearing as men and born female appearing as women.) This is the diagnosis which, in the West, is required for the subject even to access hormone treatment, in theory at least.

Welshman Alex Drummond partially-trans autogynephilic
Welshman Alex Drummond, who  proves that autogynephilia can produce a range of expressions depending on the relative degree of Gender Dysphoria present. He is ‘partially-trans autogynephilic’,  somewhere between fully trans and fully non-trans. So, should he be in a women’s safe space?

So, some people with autogynephilia do not exhibit GD and some so severely that they have to transition, with a host of variations between. Therefore, GD is a scale, independent of autogynephilia. Autogynephilia is the stimulus for gender dysphoria, but the two are not the same at all. GD is a symptom, autogynephilia is a cause.

As we have seen, some men have non-trans autogynephilia, which means that their GD levels are very low. However, this may change through time and sexual reward. In other words, the stronger it gets, the stronger it gets. The more the subject satisfies his autogynephilia through whichever sexual rewards he is using, the more it is likely that he will begin to exhibit GD. This may escalate to the extent that it compromises his ability to live in a gender-conforming role and he will have to transition. This may be a full or partial transition; the phenomenon of men with beards wearing dresses.

Suppose, however, he could suppress his homophobia, at least enough to have sex. How would he do that?

Psycho-sexual inversion.

In the act of sex such a man inverts himself into the image of a woman, so that he may be penetrated. This bypasses his homophobia; shorts it out. In his mind the coition is no longer same-sex, because the receiving partner is transformed into a woman by the act of being penetrated.

This is called ‘psycho-sexual inversion’. As a woman, or rather, the psychological construct of one, he is able to have sex with other men, without triggering a homophobic reaction. But as long as he is remains a non-trans autogynephilic man he retains masculine appearance.

This means he is attractive to other gay men, both in the male role (penetrating) and the female one (penetrated). When he is penetrated, he inverts himself into a woman. When he penetrates, he reverts to being a man.

Despite his ability to switch sexual roles, non-trans autogynephilic men frequently prefer being the receptive sexual partner; playing the female role. This was noted by Professor Mike Bailey in his pithy — and accurate — quote from a gay man: gay culture is ‘a hundred bottoms looking for a top.’

Most New Gay Men are actually bisexual.

I call this type of non-trans autogynephilic the ‘New Gay Man’. He  is a woman when he seeks to satisfy his own autogynephilia. But he is a man when he seeks to satisfy that of others.  It follows that he is in fact bisexual, because he can play the  role of either sex. (This conforms exactly to Asian usage and practice; a neat reality check.)

This also explains the well-known phenomenon of ‘gay men’ being hostile to ‘effeminacy’. The New Gay Man needs a manly man to penetrate him . He detests the feminine gay  because he knows the latter is a woman and so cannot satisfy his own lust to be transformed into a woman.

The ‘New Gay Man’ dominates the gay scene in the West, just as his trans AGP sister dominates the transsexual one. But both are subtypes of autogynephilic men; men who transform themselves into women to achieve sexual satisfaction. The only differences are in the level of Gender Dysphoria and the specific fantasies that provide their the sexual reward.

This means that non-trans autogynephilic men are to trans autogynephilic men as feminine homosexual males are to HSTS transsexuals. The difference between the expressions in both the autogynephilic and homosexual expressions is the result of Gender Dysphoria.

The same sexual reward.

Most importantly, despite his appearance in masculine gender, this non-trans autogynephile, the New Gay Man, receives exactly the same sexual reward as trans autogynephiles do. This may come from a variety of preferred methods but the point is that they are all sexualised: autogynephilia is a product of male sex drive.

No homophobia.

The difference between this and a primary homosexual should be clear: the latter has no homophobia, he just wants men. Lots of men. And as hot and hard as they can be. His sex drive is focussed on his desire for male bodies, not from his desire to satisfy a construct of himself as a woman. In short, the primary homosexual is a woman, in sexual terms, while the autogynephile is inverting himself into a woman, in order to have affirmative sex. The difference is subtle, but much more clear in person.

Primary homosexual or HSTS transsexuals are attracted to men from childhood. They tend to be smaller, lighter and more lightly built in relation to their height. They are naturally pretty and feminine in both morphology and manners. Autogynephilic transsexuals  may be secondary homosexual or ‘pseudo-bisexual’, analloerotic (asexual) or heterosexual (attracted to women). They tend to be larger, more powerfully built, much more masculine in appearance and lacking femininity.

Feminine homosexual men also tend to be smaller, lighter, more feminine, and pretty. Non-feminine homosexual men are not distinguishable in this way from heterosexual men.


That would suggest that feminine homosexual men and HSTS are related; but in one group gender dysphoria is either suppressed or low enough for them to survive as men. It would also suggest that non-feminine ‘gay’ men are related to autogynephilic MtF transsexuals in a similar manner. Non-feminine ‘gay’ men are able to suppress their GD enough so that they do not have to transition.

And how are they doing this? By having sex as women — by being penetrated.

Feminine gay ‘men’ are actually HSTS transsexuals who might perhaps be better to accept reality and transition. Non-feminine gay men are  the same as autogynephilic transsexuals. However, they don’t cross-dress, or if they do, they hide it. (Secretive behaviour is a characteristic of the Western autogynephilic profile.)

The difference between the groups, in both cases, is a result of social factors interacting with gender dysphoria.

SOGIE is a lie.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are  hardwired together. The claim that they are independent of each other is once again debunked.

Primary HSTS are women because they have, from childhood, women’s sexual desires for men. They also have the body morphology consistent with this type — small, neat, dainty etc.

Primary autogynephiles transition in order to bring their body image and social representation into line with their desire to have sex as women.

Yes, you say, but in the West, a majority of AGP transsexuals are heterosexual — that is, attracted to women. How can this be?

This happens because they transitioned so late that they are unable to have the kind of sex that would most affirm and satisfy them. They have been subjected to a lifetime of homophobic conditioning that they are unable to break. Unable to suppress their homophobia, they cannot have the kind of sex they really want, which is to be penetrated by men.

As a result, typically, they imagine themselves as lesbians. (It may be that this group is partly responsible for the high sales of lesbian porn amongst men.) Unsurprisingly this causes great hostility amongst real lesbians, that is, the ones who were born female. They find themselves the targets of predatory heterosexual men who ‘identify’ as women.



The overwhelming majority of young-transitioning autogynephilic transsexuals outside of the Anglo-Saxon West are androphilic. They desire male partners, because having sex as a woman is the most fulfilling satisfaction of autogynephilia available. In young transitioning AGPs in the West there is a significant shift towards this profile and away from that of the typical late-transitioning Western autogynephile. In other words, autogynephilic transwomen in the West are increasingly likely to be androphilic. This is related to their age of transition.

Put together, then,  autogynephilia is the stimulus for a broad range of so-called ‘gender identities’. Most of these are social and not gender identities at all.

The non-trans autogynephilic man is an important clue to the nature of autogynephilia and how pervasive a part of human culture it is.

Non-trans autogynephilic men are spearheading the attempt to invade women’s safe spaces. While I regard it as something that women (born women) must ultimately decide, it is wrong, and potentially deadly, that an MtF transsexual, who presents as a woman and lives her life as one, should be forced to use a men’s facilities.


I can feel no such sympathy for non-trans autogynephilic men. They seek to preserve their male privilege, by retaining a masculine gender presentation, while using spaces reserved for those of feminine gender. I consider that unacceptable. Were I a woman, I would be angry to find a man in a space reserved for people like me.

The non-trans autogynephilic man is not at any risk at all in a men’s space, because he is a man. He looks like a man, talks like a man and he pisses like a man. Therefore he has no need of the protection afforded to women. Yes, it gives him sexual gratification to use a women’s space; but is that reason enough to let him invade it? Personally, I think not.

Having said that, these men’s sexual desires are not for the rape of women per se;  they are for the invasion of their spaces and their acceptance as women. There is very little evidence that they might be inclined to rape. There have been a few isolated cases; but in most of these, the culprit was dressed as a woman in order to access spaces where he could rape.

That is not autogynephilia, that is camouflage.

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5 thoughts on “Non-trans autogynephilia — a vital clue.”

  1. Diving deeper into AGP.

    Who are you specifically referring to when you talk about AGP men that want to be in women’s spaces if you are not talking about late transitioning AGPs Caitlyn Jenner, Deidre Mclusky etc… ? And you don’t seem to be talking about part time crossdressers who want to access womens spaces when they are dressing as women.

    Are you saying that there are men just as they are as men wanting to be in womens spaces?

    In terms of the arousal or high these men get when being perceived as women. Are you connecting that this is the same high that an AGP Asian transsexual gets when she is in a women’s beauty pageant or working in a hair salon?

    In terms of sex with an AGP vs a HTS do you observe that sex with an HTS she is actively interested in the male’s parts and male form etc during sex. And for sex with an AGP does it more involve you doing things and saying things to validate her woman hood and she is focused on that inward. Not sure if you want to share your own expereince or what you’ve seen of others. I’ve kinda seen this pattern.

    1. Hi Naz. First, my apologies for not replying more quickly. I have been so busy it hurts. Anyway…(I have somewhat updated the piece since you first commented.)

      I am using the example of non-trans autogynephilia. In this, the man is autogynephilic but not trans.

      There are indeed men who present just as men and yet insist on their ‘right’ to be called women. These exhibit non-trans autogynephilia. Jenner etc are trans. Alex Drummond is partially so; ‘Varmit Coyote’ is non-trans.

      Regarding the sexual high, yes I am sure that is the case. The hit is the transformation into a woman, the affirmation and the validation. That can come in a multitude of different ways, from simply being penetrated to winning beauty contests or being lauded as a supermodel. (All the TS supermodels that I know of are clearly AGP.) For many non-trans autogynephilic men the hit is just being ‘accepted as a woman’ — being allowed to enter women’s safe spaces is a big one and why they are so keen to push this.

      Oh yes, HSTS are interested in male bodies in a really physical, direct way. Now there is affirmation, which is why I think that some level of autogynephilia is acting here too. It’s like a number of scales of variation intersect at the individual so everyone is different. These scales include autogynephilia (desire to be a woman), innate sexual desire for men, level of homophobia, level of experiences gender dysphoria…I can’t really say ‘this is typical’ of any individual expression. All I can say is that there are distinct differences between the Asian and Western profiles and I can see no other possible cause for this than culture.

      With Primary AGPs, sex is much more about validation and less about the sheer pleasure of it — although as we have discussed, the hit of being ‘completed as a woman’ is major, and many Primary AGPs really enjoy sex with men for that reason. HSTS it’s very physical. Very.

      However that is my experience of sex and I am not promiscuous. I don’t ‘monger’ and I much prefer deeper and more long-lasting relationships; quite apart from anything else, sex gets better with practise.

      Primary AGPs are always inwardly-focussed, HSTS much less so.

  2. I think it is not only a problem within transgender discussions, but commonsense discussion on the issue. People don’t really understand what they mean to be a man or a woman. When I “feel” like a male, psychologically, I am representing my predominant relationship with things I consider to be masculine. In common thought, the problem arises when people think there is a substantial thing as the “male”, beyond the very associations which make it meaningful. In the fetishist, there will be a tendency for emotional attachments related to his fetishism to arise, to which it is common for these attachments to be taken up in how one self-identifies (not only can there be attachments to feminine affiliations, but also the very idea that one is a woman). Not to necessarily say that that these emotional affiliations are inauthentic, but that sexuality can be a cause for psychological transformation like any other. Even among the most explicit of fetishist spaces, there is a common deeply ingrained affiliation to femininity. The line I draw between sexual affiliations, and authentic transformation, is when affiliations are no longer constrained by sexuality, taken on a meaningful self-sustaining life of their own.

    Also it doesn’t make sense to talk of a “non-transgender AGP”, as if transgenderism is intrinsic to AGP. Rather it is the case that transgenderism is additional to the fetish (& also it’s etiology), and emerges in a small minority of such fetishists.

    “the man’s reward is not necessarily from dressing as a woman or from having a woman’s body parts, but from behaving as he thinks a woman would. In non-trans autogynephilia, one expression of this is a desire to have sex as a woman — in other words to be penetrated.”

    Simply sexual arousal by the very associating of oneself to feminine (emasculating) symbolism. Each fetishist has a different preference for themes, and it is no accident that those with a preference for anatomic symbolism, are correlated with an emotional attachment to the idea of obtaining a feminized/female body.

    “In the act of sex such a man inverts himself into the image of a woman, so that he may be penetrated. This bypasses his homophobia; shorts it out. In his mind the coition is no longer same-sex, because the receiving partner is transformed into a woman by the act of being penetrated.”

    This is a common point of confusion for masochistic emasculation fetishists (“AGPs”), who apart from their fetishism are heterosexual males. And technically it isn’t that he relies on the images of himself as a woman in order to be penetrated, but that it is the idea itself of having sex with a man is arousing, where the idea of having sex with a man but also “as a man”, compromises the illusion. This is because he is aroused by the association of himself to hyperfeminine (emasculating) symbolism, the idea of having sex with men works perfectly, but to add also the symbol of “oneself as a man”, has the opposite effect. To emphasize, in the context of this fetish, there is nothing particularly special about the symbolism of having sex with men, like women’s clothing, or female anatomy, they are simply among the more powerful symbols of emasculation. For the fetishist for whom his etiological emasculation anxieties included androphilic (female sexuality) feelings, there remains the possibility of real desire for men figuring with his emasculation fantasies.

    “Sexual orientation and gender identity are hardwired together. The claim that they are independent of each other is once again debunked.”

    While sexual imprints and dimorphic variables are fixed, identity is psychological. As TWTs says quite well, identity the story we tell about ourselves. I do however think that there is a consistency of androphilia imprints being accompanied perhaps apart of a wider set of dimorphic variables which disposes an individual toward feminine psychological affiliations.

  3. This is delusional, autogynephilia has been debunked and is not accepted by any but a handful of anti-transgender phobics.

    Considerthe following analogy: Many natal women
    have sexual fantasies about being raped (reviewed
    in Leitenberg & Henning, 1995). It is
    one thing to respectfully attempt to explore and
    understand such rape fantasies. It would be an
    entirely different thing to insist that there are
    two subtypes of women—those who have rape
    fantasies and those who do not; to use the label
    “autoraptophiles” when describing women who
    have such fantasies and to insist that they are primarily
    motivated by their desire to be raped; to
    include “autoraptophilia” as a modifier in the Diagnostic
    and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders;
    and to encourage the lay public to actively
    distinguish between those women who are
    “autoraptophiles” and those who are not. Such
    actions would undoubtedly have a severe, negative
    impact on women (who are already routinely
    sexualized and marginalized in our culture). Yet,
    proponents of autogynephilia have argued that
    transsexual women should be viewed and treated
    in an analogous manner

    1. As usual, the only delusion is on the part of transvestite autogynephiles; either you are one or you have bought into their fantasy. And of course, you have no actual papers to back up your conjectures, just some woolly airheaded blandishments about women being raped, which has nothing to do with transsexualism or gender non-conformity. (Except insofar as autogynephiles remain potential rapists.)

      Blanchard’s ‘two types’ description has been fully confirmed by proper studies: see Nuttbrock 2009, Rametti at al 2011, Savic and Arver 2011 and Guillamon 2016. These confirm that there are two types of male to trans expression., Homosexual Transsexual and non-homosexual. These are known in Blanchard as HSTS and Autogynephilic; I use the terms ‘transsexual’ and ‘transvestite autogynephile respectively. Links to all papers are on the Links page here.

      Further, that there are two distinct types is immediately obvious to anyone researching in areas where there are large numbers of these, for example Asia or South America.I have published plenty on this, I suggest you read some.

      For the record, I am completely supportive of transsexuals and indeed, my girlfriend is one. They can justifiably claim to be ‘women born in the wrong body’ at least in a metaphoric sense. As far as Western profile autogynephiles, whether transvestite or not, are concerned, these are just men. You simply cannot ‘become a woman’ at age 50, and their lies that ‘they were always women’ are just that, a nasty, specious smokescreen to disguise the fact that they are delusional fetishists sexually obsessed with the image of themselves in women’s clothing — or indeed, with a cosmetically enhanced body. These men have no relationship to transsexuals at all.

      There are many factors that make transsexuals easy to distinguish from autogynephiles but the main one is that transsexuals have never been attracted to women and never form romantic relationships with them, while autogynephiles have a hetero-normative male attraction to women.

      As for the snowflake ’56 genders’ these are all an expression of one gender, non-masculine. They are social types and group dentifiers and not real genders at all. That is because gender is directly rooted in sexual desire. This fashion will pass in a couple of years, thankfully.

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