How Jan Sobieski saved Europe from Islam

The name of King Jan III Sobieski of Poland is one that every European should know and speak with pride.

In September 1683, the city of Vienna was near to collapse. For months, it had been under siege by the Islamic hordes of the Islamic  Ottoman army. Every day now, starvation and surrender grew closer. The city had long since run out of horses and pets to eat and even rats were few and far between now.

Worse, the Viennese knew that other Europeans had been the instruments of their doom. Swiss Calvinists had begged the Turks to attack, so that they could sweep away Catholicism. It beggars belief that Christians could call down the hounds of Islamic hell on their fellow Europeans, but that they had, hoping, no doubt, to negotiate some deal, a reward for their treachery, that might spare them the scimitar or a lifetime of submission to the foul creed of Islam.

The city’s defenders, listening in its basements, could hear the scrape-scrap of pick and shovel as the enemy’s sappers undermined them. Soon they would plant another huge mine and blow up a section of the city’s curtain wall, breaching it and allowing the enemy in. Nobody in Vienna was under any illusion as to what would happen then: the men would be tortured and killed or enslaved, the women would be raped and killed or enslaved and the children slaughtered. The behaviour of triumphant Islamic armies was well known.

Today, the Twelfth of September, was the last. The government of the city knew it. The people knew it and worse, the enemy knew it. They were ready: their final attack was to come on the twelfth of the month. There was nothing left. Vienna would fall. Without a miracle, Vienna must fall, and with it, Europe.

King Jan III Sobieski had other ideas.

Months before, the city had sent out a call for help but none had arrived. Yet, despite the religious and political divisions within Europe,  Catholic Vienna was crucial to its survival. It commanded the only route the enemy could use to invade the rich plains of Germany then sweep down through France. If that happened, all of Europe would fall. Yet nobody came, leaving the lonely and desperate defenders to doubt they ever would; to contemplate the butchery that would inevitably turn the River Danube itself red with their blood, and that of their children.

Vienna was the most heavily fortified city in Europe. It had two rings of curtain walls, with sharp-pointed salients that allowed defenders to rake their own walls with fire. To one side was the Danube itself, to the other a range of mountains. Its weakness was that it was not built on rock, but on the soft soil of the river’s alluvial plain. It was this very soil that the enemy was tunnelling through, this same earth that would betray the defenders to their doom.

But not all was lost; on the day before, the unthinkable happened.

Help arrived.

A force of allied European powers had finally arrived to relieve the city, including an army of 23.000 led by King Jan Sobieski III of Poland. In total the relieving force was some 80,000, against the Ottoman army of 140,000, led by the Grand Vizier Pasha Kara Mustafa.

The Polish King regarded the battlefield and identified the enemy’s weakness. Mustafa was used to victory and had never had to deal with a siege-relieving counter-attack. So his forces were disposed adequately for the assault on the city, which he planned to launch immediately after his sappers’ mine reduced the city’s walls, but were not themselves ready to repel an attack from their rear.

Crucially, the Ottoman forces were close to the River Danube and facing them were the rampart-like mountains known as the Kahlenberg. Everyone, including both the city’s defenders and the Turks, believed that no army could use these mountains. They were simply a barrage, insurmountable, and their summit was only useful as an observation post.

King Jan had other ideas. By night, his troops manhandled his army’s cannon to the top of the mountain. The effort this took was huge but they succeeded. As dawn broke and with the enemy laid out beneath them, King Jan gave the order to open fire.


The barrage

A devastating barrage of gunfire was poured into the Turkish camp while the enemy could only scurry. Yet there was no place to hide on the flat plain of the Danube. They were out of range of the city’s guns, but not of the Polish ones.

As the barrage pounded the Ottoman lines, a group of Viennese sappers heard tunnelling close by under the city walls. Fearing the worst, they scrabbled out enough earth to allow the smallest man in their party to get into the tunnel. To his horror, he saw a huge mine, made of barrels of gunpowder. Even worse, the fuse as lit and the mine was about to go off.

The man quickly cut the fuse and extinguished it. He saved the city — and not a moment too soon. With this reverse, the Turks’ chances of storming the city fell; but now they had other problems to deal with.

For hours the were pounded by the allied cannon and could do nothing in response; their guns could not elevate enough to return fire. They were sitting ducks. Their attempts to storm the mountains were bloodily defeated by Polish musketeers.

Then, as the long miserable — for the Turks — day drew towards its close, the barrage, mercifully, stopped. The field was covered with dead, dying and bits of bodies. Round cannon-shot is a terrible weapon fired into densely packed humanity; it rips people apart, and then bounces and does it again. And most of the army had no defences. Their position was attacking, with their trenches facing the city and at right-angles to the Polish guns. Shot fell into them and men were bowled over like skittles, with no hope of escape. The carnage was incredible.

Sobieski’s Winged Hussars

Sobieski’s principal weapon, however, was not his artillery, but his cavalry, famed throughout Europe. At their head were the most feared horsemen of all: the Winged Hussars.

These were  heavy cavalry, probably the heaviest fielded since Medieval times, when battles were fought between armies of armoured knights on chargers. They were the best of the best, the toughest of the tough, the bravest of the brave. They were horsemen without compare and their massive steeds were fiery and powerful. They wore bright shining armour and plumed helmets; but they got their name because every one wore, on his back, a pair of white-feathered wings. At the head of this impressive force was Sobieski himself, his armour golden, and wearing the largest wings.

Try to imagine what must have gone through the minds of the Turks as the last rolling echoes of the bombardment died down and the whizz of musket balls fell silent. There came a noise like thunder and a clamour of terrible, fell voices amid the sound of horns. Great clouds of smoke, from the cannon fire, still drifted thickly across the battlefield. But what was that noise? And what did it mean?

Then, as they raised their weary bodies up, the besiegers at last saw them: the Winged Angels of Death themselves, screaming their fury, catapulting through the smoke at full gallop, their seven-metre lances, of hollow construction to make them more manageable, levelled. The flanks of their mounts were already slathered in sweat and saliva and their eyes rolled most terrifying. The autumn air already chill, the horses’ snorting breath condensed into steam around them, mixing with the smoke and causing them to appear to materialise from it, like dread hell-beasts.

Four Thousand Cavalry

Four thousand heavy cavalry, led by a thousand dread Winged Hussars, appeared like a dark magic, bringing fury and death on their lances. The clangour of their armour, the thundering of their hooves, were deafening and in addition came the weird cacophony made by their feathered wings, which were not merely for decoration, but were designed to terrify superstitious enemies with a bizarre rattle.

‘We saw it…. the hussars let loose their horses. God, what power! They ran through the smoke and the sound was like that of a thousand blacksmiths beating with a thousand hammers. We saw it…Jezus Maria!’ (“The Deluge”, by Henry Sienkievich.)

Panic spread through the Islamic ranks. How could this be? Vienna was ripe for the picking. Only last night they had been promised the riches of the city that they had waited so long to rape. And now they were attacked by smoke-breathing monsters with two heads, four legs and mighty wings? Were these a species of djinn? What sorcery, what dread magic could summon them into being? And where was Allah now, who had promised so much?

Indeed, in the face of this righteous force that came to cleanse the Holy ground of Europe and rekindle the almost-spent torch of freedom, Allah had already fled. As the terrifying horde rolled up the Turkish right flank, the Viennese defenders, seeing the turn in the battle, sallied out of the city and attacked the hated besiegers in what had suddenly become their rear.



The Muslim army broke and ran; it was routed completely, scattered, falling back in total disarray, every man desperate for one thing: to escape the screaming Death Angels with the white wings and the wrath of those they had starved for months and had hoped, this very day, to put to Calvary.

Sobielski’s trap was sprung. For there was nowhere for the Islamic hordes to run to: on the other side of the camp was the River Danube.

The Danube is named after the Celtic Goddess Danu and the terrified Muslim hordes, who, that very morning, had been looking forward to drinking the blood of the Viennese and raping as many women as they could, were now trapped between the terrifying death-angels of Christian Europe and a much older and darker Goddess. She welcomed the Turks into her icy embrace in their thousands.

Thousands more were trampled to death under the feet of their own fleeing comrades or the iron-shod hooves of the angels who brought their deaths, the awful Winged Hussars of Poland. The waters of the Danube did indeed run red that day and for days after, but it was not with the blood of Christians put to death by Muslim invaders, but of those invaders themselves, massacred in the most important battle in Western history. The Turkish army, including the feared Janissaries, was routed and fled, those who survived abandoning their weapons and everything they carried.

Europe had been saved.

Sobieski’s military genius is often forgotten. The European allies were outnumbered by the Turks by almost 2:1. Yet, surveying the terrain, he had at once grasped how he could use the weapons he had, his artillery, his musketeers and his heavy cavalry, to the maximum advantage.

He had seen how, by scaling mountains everyone told him could not be, he could pound the enemy for hours and receive no return fire. He placed his musketeers on the lower slopes where they efficiently cut down any counter-attack by the Turks, aimed at capturing and spiking the Polish guns. And finally, with the last of the daylight, when the enemy had been thoroughly demoralised by being pinned down in the open under relentless cannon-fire for hours, he unleashed his hell-riders. The sheer brazen aggression of this strategy completely confounded the enemy, who broke and ran.

The Turkish army was annihilated. Its ruins fled back home, followed and harried all the way by European forces. The dream of the Ottomans, of extending the Islamic Caliphate to the Atlantic, lay broken, dead, the life crushed out of it by one of the most spectacular defeats suffered by any army, anywhere.

Europe profited

For three hundred years, Europe profited from Sobieski’s heroic relief of Vienna. Great empires — of Britain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands — rose up, made their nations rich, and then died back again. European culture blossomed through the Enlightenment and on, to the modern culture we know today which, though deeply flawed, nevertheless is founded on those Enlightenment values of equality, liberty and free speech. Freedom, in other words.

Had Vienna fallen, none of this would have happened. Within months, the Turks would have been at the doors of Paris, and would have overrun the North German Plain. Britain — at that time not yet a united nation — if it had not been invaded, would have spent centuries defending itself, its shipping crippled by Muslim corsairs. There would have been no Empire upon which the sun never set, or rather, that honour would have gone to the Caliphate.

All the richness of Europe would have been their plunder and the slaughter of innocents would have made the heavens weep. Thanks to one courageous and determined man, the Islamic invasion did not succeed. Its army — feared everywhere — was slaughtered at the gates of Vienna. Sobieski diced it up into mincemeat. The Turk was halted and thrown back; and Europe was freed of its menace.

And in the end, perhaps not just Europe, but the world; for Islam spreads like a miasma and with Europe fallen, who could then have stopped it?



Today, few remember that day of triumph and courage, when an entire culture and way of life was saved from extermination under the heel of the Islamic hordes. Yet we should, for today we in Europe are under threat again.

When the Ottoman launched the attack on Europe that ended before Vienna, he was engaged in jihad — fighting in the name of Allah, to make the world Islamic. The Caliph, his general and all the men who fought, were carrying out their religious duty — to conquer the world for Islam. This is Offensive Jihad, the most aggressive form. We see it today in Daesh and similar bandit groups today, but under the Ottomans, it motivated the biggest killing machine in the world.

But there are other forms of jihad, and they may, in the right circumstances, be almost as effective at destroying other cultures and their values. They corrode them just by contact.

One of these is ‘Stealth Jihad’, which is being waged all across Europe today. How innocent it looks! Muslims apparently relating peacefully to the host population; opening shops and restaurants…and then, could we have a mosque? And perhaps another one? And can we bring our families to live here? Even our cousins six times removed? And what about a husband for my daughter…why of course she wants the man we choose for her. What about some preachers from Saudi Arabia? And of course we need segregated ‘faith’ schools for our children…

And so it begins. The list of demands. The requirement for special treatment.

As their numbers grow, Muslims move to the next phase — ‘Defensive Jihad’. In this, areas of social interaction as well as physical locations are ‘defended’ by Muslims against the host population. We have seen, in the UK, for over twenty years now, how large sections of many cities, Glasgow, Bradford, Leeds, Birmingham and others — are ‘no-go areas’ for non-Muslims. Women venturing into these are asking to be raped, and men to be beaten. The same has happened across Europe, so that even the police are unable to patrol these ghettoes. Crime is rife.

And it goes on. Angela Merkel might well go down in history as the woman who brought Europe, as a Western concept, to an end, by her reckless permission of Muslim migrants to enter Europe. Even with that initial flow staunched, many thousands of ‘relatives’ are to be allowed to join those who arrived. Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean, rather than boats crammed with migrants being turned back, the occupants are ‘rescued’ and taken, by European navies, to the Eur0opean mainland. This conveniently completed the smugglers’s work at no cost to themselves and very good luck indeed getting these migrants to go back to whatever benighted sub-Saaran hellhole they came from. Once in Europe, they mean to stay.

The threat to our culture

But it is not just our cities that are threatened and overwhelmed, it is our culture. In Europe we spent decades putting in place laws that protect animals from abuse and, especially, unnecessary cruelty in the means of their deaths. Yet because of Islam, these have to be cast aside and the most horrifically cruel method of slaughter employed instead. And then, the meat produce is to be sold in our supermarkets to ‘serve the needs’ of ‘ethnic minorities’.

We do not allow child abuse; yet Muslims collude to abuse them. Girl children are married to older men against their wishes, and despite the introduction of laws designed to curb this, it goes on apace — why? Because the rape of adolescent girls happens behind closed doors in Muslim communities, where the forces of law and order fear to tread. It is illegal to mutilate the genitalia of little girls, yet in the UK this is now a veritable industry, with hundreds if not thousands every year being so abused. Yet there are no arrests. Why? Defensive Jihad; the Muslim community shelters the monsters who do this and protects them.

We protect our women and punish rape; but for Muslims they are fair game. After all, a Muslim boy is taught from birth that it is a woman’s responsibility to hide herself, so that men shall not become sexually inflamed and then, as they must, rape her. In marriage, no wife is safe, as Islam not only commands men to beat them, but gives instructions on how to. And should she slip from the hollow virtuosity demanded by this ghastly, misogynistic death-cult, then she must be killed.


Spilling on to the streets

Defensive Jihad then spills on to the streets. Legal forms of protest are subtly transformed into caricatures of themselves, as Muslims scream their hatred for everything non-Muslim. One might wonder why they would come to a Western nation at all, but the answer is simple: they intend to make their new homes as Islamic as the nightmares they left behind.

Then, drinkers enjoying a beer or two in a pub garden will be set upon by Muslim men because it ‘offends Islam’ to drink alcohol. Women will be raped because the way they dress ‘offends Islam’. Shop staff will refuse to sell alcohol — though it be in their contract to do so — because it ‘offends Islam’. Christians will be attacked because they ‘offend Islam’ and Jews — well the safest thing a Jew can do, when his or her city is overrun by Muslims, is to move to Israel.

There is nothing outside Islam that does not ‘offend Islam’. This is the most benighted and repulsive cult in the world, yet it is more easily offended than a blue-rinse spinster.

‘Offensive jihad’ begins when Muslims are in sufficient numbers and concentrations to directly attack non-Muslim institutions and then non-Muslims themselves.

We have already seen this in Europe, in the form of terrorist bombings, which will only become more frequent and more sadistic. And the rat-lairs where these terrorists prepare are already becoming — indeed, have become — armed camps where the proper authorities cannot go. This is the case in Molynbeek in Belgium, where the Paris bombers prepared their attack, and it is the case in the UK and elsewhere too.

Oh, do not whimper to me the blatant idiocy that ISIS, ISIL, Daesh is ‘not Islamic’. It is Islamic to its core, carrying out the express orders of ‘Allah’ as invented, sorry ‘received’, by a man who was himself a terrorist, a bandit leader intent on killing everyone who did not convert to his cult of death and male ‘honour’, and to dominate the world. Nothing has changed these last 1400 years or so, and nothing will change, because Islam cannot change; the doctrine of abrogation sees to that.

Finally, the host territory, now ruined by Islamic insurrection, becomes ‘Beirutised’. Gangs of rival Islamic militias terrorise the population, killing, extorting and raping.  Soon it collapses and any of the qualities it once had, of tolerance and freedom, are lost either by the imposition of the evil of Sharia or by the necessary response to a colony of insurgents living within a society and determined to destroy it by any means. This is what always happens; we have been observing how Islam infiltrates, parasitises, colonises and destroys cultures for nearly 1400 years.

Wake up

It’s time to wake up. The enemy has learned. It is using our own systems against us. Islam is like a cancer and its intent is to kill its host. The enemy has stealthily infiltrated, for example, the United Nations, which has espoused anti-free speech resolutions that masquerade as the imposition of ‘anti-blasphemy’ laws; well, one cannot defame the dead, and Mohammed, if he actually ever lived and was not invented retrospectively, is well and truly dead — and the world is a cleaner place for one less murderous bandit. What a pity he got so famous.

We absolutely cannot refuse to allow Muslims to participate in the democratic process, or we would concede a fundamental tenet of European secularism; nevertheless, we must prevent Islam from using democratic institutions to promote Islamic ‘values’ at the expense of our own. All ideas are subject to criticism in our culture, it is fundamental to us. But Islam seeks more than to silence dissent. It seeks to use our own systems to destroy us: this is, after all, the stated aim of the Muslim Brotherhood.

We have to distinguish between the Muslims, who are people, and the ghastly, horrific ideology they are pumped full of from childhood. We have to engage with them and tell them that Islamic ideas are completely unacceptable and, if they want to live by them, they cannot do it amongst us. Muslim integration into Europe means abandoning Islam, because Islam is not compatible with European secular democracy. It’s that simple.

The only way we can do this is by public condemnation and by challenging the cult of Islam. We must show that it is nonsense, that is has no foundation and that it is the worship of an imaginary, non-existent deity and nothing more. We must, at every turn, attack the notion that Islam should get special treatment because it is a religion, or it is central to some people’s culture. My culture is European Christianity and I do not intend to stand by and see it destroyed by people who have turned their own lands into the most depraved, ghastly hell-holes imaginable. Are you going to let Islam destroy everything Western culture stands for?


‘Islamophobia’ — not a phobia at all

Yet whenever we do attempt to force the debate, we are accused of ‘Islamophobia’, as if such a thing even existed. A phobia is an irrational or unfounded fear, and anyone who is not justifiably afraid of Islam — and that includes Muslims — is deluded to the point of the certifiable. Of course we should be afraid of a cult that promises death to non-believers, beheads women for having sex outside marriage, kills apostates, hangs gay men, doles out 1000 lashes for indulging in free speech and sentences people to ten years in prison for being atheists. What’s irrational about fearing a monstrous, anti-human ideology like that?

Not being terrified of Islam would be like being in the same room as a hungry polar bear and not feeling just a tad apprehensive.

Is it too dramatic, today, to ask where is our Jan Sobieski? Europe now, as it was in 1683, is paralysed in the face of the enemy. We are hoist by our own petard, the unsustainable notion of ‘multi-culturalism’. This idiocy has pandered to every single unreasonable demand Muslims have made (it has pandered to others too, but those do not intend global conquest) and even criticises — and worse — those who speak out. Lofty though the ideals of ‘multiculturalism’ might be, the project fails when one group in society refuses to compromise. And Islam NEVER compromises, for Islam can never change. It is locked, by its own dogma, into a barbaric and uncivilised past.

Criticising Islam is not racism, any more than criticising Communism is. Islam is an ideology; and not just any ideology but the most vile, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, slavery promoting, child-raping, anti-human ideology in the world. And we are to be silenced in our legitimate criticism of this abomination? We are to be ‘no-platformed’? We are to be abused for speaking the truth, just because it is ‘offensive to Islam’ or to the sensibilities of a few Leftist Fifth-Columnists?, barbarous, anti-human death cult that can tolerate no rival as incompatible with a pluralistic, democratic society? Freedom of speech, the core principle of our culture, is to be abandoned because it might offend some people’s feelings?

I am offended that these people have the sheer neck to be offended in the first place. If you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I say no.

I say, where is King Jan? Where is the one person who can, in the darkest of times, when all seems most hopeless, turn the tide? Where are you?

Is it you, as you read this?

Islam can teach us something, in the concept of jihad. The concept of struggle. The concept of fighting for something worth fighting for. This is something we once knew but have forgotten. I call on everyone to stand and be counted, and to recognise: for all its faults — and it has many — that our culture is better. It is worth fighting for.

I call on everyone to join the struggle. To fight against misogyny and for women’s rights. To fight against homophobia and transphobia and for fairness to all people. To fight against the mutilation of children, child rape, slavery and all the things that Islam stands for and the criticism of which ‘offends Muslims’. To fight, above all else, for freedom.

We all need to be our own Jan Sobieski, in this darkest of times, when Islam threatens, once again, to overrun Europe and crush European values. We all need to look at the odds and realise how they are stacked against us; but nevertheless to determine to fight. We shall resist.

Islam can only win if we let it

Realise, now, that Islam can only win if we let it — and that its cause is helped by ‘liberal’ Fifth Columnists and stooges whose self-loathing can only be assuaged in their own self-destruction and that of the society that produced them. They are aided and abetted in their evil intent by feminists and ‘Social Justice Warriors’ who will delight in the destruction of the very culture that permits them the luxury of criticising it; and then weep their just tears as they themselves are put to Calvary. To all of those benighted poodles I say, ‘Find a quiet place and hang yourself, for we are done listening to you.’

Please join me in the toast.

I raise a glass to that King of Poland who led the charging Angels of Death, the Winged Hussars, against overwhelming odds and annihilated the enemy completely in the name of freedom. It’s time we all led our own such charge.

Turning the Ottoman Tide – John III Sobieski at Vienna 1683

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  2. One thing that most Sobieski historians do not tend to see is that he, Sobieski, who was also my 10th-great-grandfather, also saved America, too, from becoming Islamic. Remember, this is back when we were still European colonies! We would’ve never been the Christian nation that we are! Had the Muslims conquered the Holy Roman Empire, they could’ve also easily conquered England (by then, the United Kingdom), and we, as colonies, would’ve been conquered as well, then! I know that at least the New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, the Colony of Carolina (back when North and South were together), Connecticut, Rhode Island, and the entire whole of Canada, had all been established by then, and were, at the time, all English colonies. Also, the Muslims could’ve easily conquered Spain, which was, by that time, filled with Muslims anyway, and Spain, by that time, had almost all of the American Southwest & California, and also Florida! So, Sobieski not only saved Europe from the invasion of Islam, but he also saved all of America, too! Instead of us all being Christians, we would all be Islamic – we might’ve even been called “the Islamic States of America,” instead of “the United States of America!”

    And , Portugal, which also held many colonies, would’ve also easily fallen to the Muslims as well!

    I say, hurray for Sobieski! He saved the World!

    I am so glad that I, as a Pennsylvania, can be a Christian, and I love the God I can serve! Thank you, Sobieski, for saving all the universal Christianity from collapse! If Vienna would’ve fallen, Rome would’ve fallen, and if Rome would’ve fallen, all of Christianity, and the true gospel, would’ve fallen, without dour help & work through the Lord’s power!

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