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Sharia: Halal and Haram

RepublishReprint The Muslim legal code called Sharia specifies everything that is ‘mandated’ and ‘forbidden’ In
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Christopher Hitchens’ Finest Moments

RepublishReprint Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) was one of the greatest English-language commentators of the late 20th and early 21st
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The Duterte Phenomenon

RepublishReprint The Duterte Phenomenon: the Philippines does politics a little differently This month the Philippines elected Rodrigo
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Why Islam Cannot Change

RepublishReprint Islam cannot change because of an internal quirk that prevents it Why does Islam resist change and always revert to its

The Man Who Would Be Queen

RepublishReprint                         J Michael Bailey’s seminal book,

The Genie of Aspiration

RepublishReprint The thing about aspiration is that it’s a tough genie to get back into its bottle This must be the conclusion of any

Stand up and be counted

RepublishReprint I am in a relationship with a transsexual (TS) woman This places me in a position of responsibility, because my
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Ladyboys in Pattaya

RepublishReprint So you’re planning to meet some ladyboys in Pattaya Read this The whole of south-east Asia is remarkable for its

Restroom rights again

RepublishReprint Restroom rights again The issue of ‘transgender’ access to female-specific spaces continues to boil up So

Happy Easter

RepublishReprint It’s Easter In fact, this is the 60th Easter I have passed on Earth, although I don'[t remember the first few Or,

Arayat Escapade

RepublishReprint A couple of weeks ago I went to Mount Arayat National Park in Pampanga, here in the Philippines I’d been invited by

Hunter Avallone: Just a publicity whore.

RepublishReprint A deliberately provocative video by a YouTube publicity whore calling himself ‘Hunter Avallone’ has a new
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