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Scene from an Imaginary Western

RepublishReprint In the little white-painted town of Santa Westminstera, havoc had broken out The town was ruled by two gangs of ruthless
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Mishcon de Reya moves against early Brexit

RepublishReprint The internationally known UK law firm of Mishcon de Reya has moved to block any unconstitutional attempt to trigger the
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Cameron’s Phony Referendum

RepublishReprint When is a referendum not a referendum Answer — when it is a politically convenient device used by a slippery Prime
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Who Governs Britain?

RepublishReprint Who governs Britain is the question we must now answer One week ago, the British people voted, by a slim majority, in
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Parliament: Stronger than Brexit

RepublishReprint In the UK, Parliament is the ultimate authority All power is held by it While technically, sovereignty resides with the
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The British Project: the sun goes down

RepublishReprint The British Project was — and is — simply this: to make the world England To profit from it and get rich on
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Finesse: Cameron’s booby-trap

RepublishReprint Finesse might be David Cameron’s middle name He was a long-time and successful PR man before entering politics, and,
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Cameron’s Last Stand

RepublishReprint Captain of the UK ship of State, Dave ‘Mine’s a Pint’ Cameron nailed his colours to the mast and finally
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EU Referendum

RepublishReprint On Thursday this week, the people of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland  will vote in a crucial referendum For
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War with Islam: ideology, not people

RepublishReprint Islam is locked in a war with secular democracy and moderate Muslims themselves Ten days ago a Canadian, Robert Hall, had
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Qur’an: Read It Yourself

RepublishReprint The Qur’an is the base text of Islam, which is today followed by approximately 12 billion people Most people know
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The Patriarchy made God

RepublishReprint The patriarchy made God to impose male Supremacy The patriarchy invented the Abrahamic sky-god death-cults of Judaism,
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