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Day of the Dead: A time to remember

RepublishReprint I was reminded that it was the Day of the Dead by that delight,  Google Calendar There is something deeply disturbing
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Irrational Unknown: Fear of Madness

RepublishReprint When I was a child, madness was the most terrifying affliction I could imagine The idea that I might not be able to
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Dave Muscato: a non-trans autogynephile

RepublishReprint Just to go over some ground regarding the thorny subject of non-trans autogynephilia (AGP) again,¬† I thought I’d
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Non-trans autogynephilia — a vital clue.

RepublishReprint Autogynephilia is the primary stimulus for all non-homosexual male-to-female transsexualism The original Blanchard
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The English Don’t Wear Kilts

RepublishReprint I have begun wearing kilts again I used to do this years ago but, erm, passage of time rendered them, uh, too small Alack,
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Cursing and swearing: an art form.

RepublishReprint Well, it’s been a fucker of a week, folks I split up with my girlfriend That train had already signalled its
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Dar al-Harb: The Islamic stimulus for war.

RepublishReprint If the Popes believed that their God intended to keep them in control of Jerusalem, or indeed, in such high esteem at
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Identity Politics — the secret oppression

RepublishReprint Identity Politics (IP) is a development of the thinking that gave us Political Correctness, which operates by denying an
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The Reasons for World War Three.

RepublishReprint World War Three has been much talked about in the seven decades since World War Two ended At that time, almost all of
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Socially aware, libertarian, scientific, secularist

RepublishReprint I was asked today if I was a ‘liberal’ Now in all honesty, until quite recently, I would just have said
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Matriarchy in the Philippines

RepublishReprint Western feminists, for over half a century, have argued that gender itself has been the fundamental  agent of
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The thought or image of oneself

RepublishReprint Few clinical definitions, established by obscure researchers in obscure institutions, referring to an obscure subject, can
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