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Brain Sex Myth Debunked — Again

RepublishReprint The brain sex argument claims that people born male may present, later in life, in feminine appearance, because they have
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Super-emasculated men and autogynephilia

RepublishReprint Over the last few decades, particularly in schools and academia, strong masculine role models have been suppressed in
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Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

RepublishReprint Last week I visited Bataan, here in the Philippines, for the first time I was amazed by the scenery, which is remarkable;
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2016: a bad year? No, a new beginning.

RepublishReprint 2016 began, for me, in the Philippines, where I now am It had a less than auspicious beginning: I remember my shock at
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Transsexual or transvestite, not ‘transgender’

RepublishReprint In the last few years the terms transgender, transsexual and transvestite have become more mainstream than anyone could
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Happy New Year 2017 from the Philippines

RepublishReprint Well, a belated Happy New Year to everyone and my apologies for the long hiatus I came here to the Philippines in early
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Islamophobia: a reasonable fear

RepublishReprint ‘Phobia’ just means ‘fear of’ ‘Islamophobia’ therefore, is the fear of Islam But Islam
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Eisenhower and the Global Policeman

RepublishReprint In the aftermath of the seismic shock surrounding Donald Trump’s success in the US Presidential elections, it seems
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Obama: a history of disaster

RepublishReprint Barack Obama has been a disastrous President Look at the history: Libya, turned from a functioning state into a non-state

The millennialist left gave us Trump

RepublishReprint Jonathan Pie saying exactly what needs to be said and perfectly summing up the reasons why Tornface Trump will be the next
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Trump Thanks Spoiled Brat Millennials Latest

RepublishReprint A shaken world wakes up this morning to see Donald Trump as President-elect of the United States Naturally,
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A Bonfire of English Vanities

RepublishReprint On Saturday it was Bonfire Night in Blighty Yes, that spectacularly English version of the traditional festival at the
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