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DIY Fiddle Repair and Maintenance

RepublishReprint After a little while in the violin world, I know you will have seen this reaction: you have just gone into your friendly

Do Transattracted Men Cross-dress?

RepublishReprint I came across a couple of interesting threads on one of the forums I keep an eye on this week One concerned the number of

Travels With a Ladyboy: 1. NAIA

RepublishReprint ‘It’s as if a couple of jumbo-jets of Western culture crashed into a containership of Asia and the wreckage is

France Finally Votes for Same Sex Marriage

RepublishReprint Common sense and the prevailing will of the majority were reflected in an overwhelming vote in the French National

Early Summer at John Muir Park, Dunbar, 1990

RepublishReprint I began with this picture because it representated a departure for me, and a point when I began a long journey of

Photo Technique 5: Brightness and Exposure

RepublishReprint We have looked at the ways we can regulate our cameras to get the right exposure, but until now we haven’t discussed

Photo Technique 4: Film and Sensor Speed

RepublishReprint We have already seen how four key factors in photography are linked: aperture, shutter speed, film or sensor sensitivity

Photo Technique 3: Shutter Speed and Movement

RepublishReprint We have already discussed aperture, and seen how the f-stops marked on the aperture ring are calculated and what they are

Photo Technique 2: Stopping down, Depth of Field and Bokeh

RepublishReprint In the last article we looked at the optical principles that govern focus and depth of field (DOF) Now let’s explore how

Focus and Depth of Field

RepublishReprint Focus and depth of field are related, and the advancing photographer should understand the relationship between them If

End of The Line

RepublishReprint The ticking clock of the modern world has finally blown the whistle on Scotland’s only cycling railway signallers, as

Manila: Skinny Cats, Transports of Delight and Beautiful Women

RepublishReprint Manila is huge Apart from Manila itself, the conurbation of Metro Manila includes other cities that would themselves be
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