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Why Your Dream House in France has Damp Walls

RepublishReprint The Damp Just about the first thing that everyone notices when they get their dream house in France, and I base this on an

Why are transsexual women so desired by straight men? 1.

RepublishReprint It simply won’t do to suggest that a pre-operative transsexual woman could fool a man into believing that he has entered

Freezing Spring Brings a Breath of Fresh Air

RepublishReprint Well, after a month of May when it seemed to rain without cease and which was colder than some Decembers I’ve known

DIY Fiddle Repair and Maintenance 2

RepublishReprint Part Two of the series on how to repair your own violin Basics of repair There is a grand tradition of fiddlers who repair

In France, Everything Shuts On Monday

RepublishReprint The next rule to watch out for, which is only less important in that it just happens once a week, rather than five times,

In France, Everything Shuts at Twelve- (Part Two)

RepublishReprint “No,” I cried, and summoned up the best of my then limited French, “Cas d’urgence!”   But this made no
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Gender and Sex Drive

RepublishReprint Ray Blanchard’s taxonomy of transsexualism is sometimes criticised for the emphasis it places on the human sex drive as

Travels With A Ladyboy 2: Culture Shock

RepublishReprint My plan had originally been to make my trip to Asia after Christmas, but Carla had told me that she was unlikely to be

The Problem of the Hidden Transsexual

RepublishReprint Is the incidence of transgender and transsex on the increase, and if it is, is this due to environmental factors Well,

In France, Everything Shuts at Twelve- (Part One)

RepublishReprint  One thing the guidebooks never bother to tell you about France is also one of the most important of all that you should

Ice (Part One)

RepublishReprint I was right in the middle of my steering watch when suddenly a blinding streak of white light whizzed at us from over to

DIY Fiddle Repair and Maintenance

RepublishReprint After a little while in the violin world, I know you will have seen this reaction: you have just gone into your friendly
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