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Enlightened Culture and the price we must pay

RepublishReprint We have absolutely no hope whatsoever of preventing the climatic catastrophe that is coming Even were we to stabilise
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Trump’s stand for science: Title IX rights restored to women

RepublishReprint Last week US President Donald Trump reversed one of the most egregious acts of anti-science perpetrated by the
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Trudeau’s Cynical PR Stunt Mocks Disabled People

RepublishReprint In a long career as a news and PR photographer and journalist, I have seen some sick ideas, some stupid ideas and quite a
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Sweden: How feminist emasculation broke a State

RepublishReprint Sweden is proud, today, to say that it has a woman president and a largely female Cabinet This is lauded by feminists the
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The Monster Geewaha-nalior

RepublishReprint I wrote this piece about a sea-monster in 2008 and always liked it It was aimed at children and those with young minds I
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Seumus the dog: a tale of three pies and a pint

RepublishReprint A long time ago, when I was a young lad, I had the acquaintance of a dog called Seumus Now Seumus was of, shall we say,
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Enlightened Culture versus Snowflake Culture

RepublishReprint Events of recent months contributed to a discussion between myself, Rod Fleming, and Karis Burkowski Karis carried out the
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Transmen are not real men, they’re lesbians on steroids

RepublishReprint Transmen are not real men It has nothing to do with eating quiche, either We’ve spent a lot of time on this blog
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Time has run out: War has begun

RepublishReprint We have no time left to deliberate, now Appeasement has failed, just as it did in 1939 The enemy is among us He is far
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Men, not-men and neckbearders: a gender conundrum

RepublishReprint Gender fluidity has come much under the spotlight recently It has been suggested that there are ‘thousands of
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Transvestite autogynephiles and transsexuals

RepublishReprint There are two distinct types of ‘trans woman’ — transsexuals and transvestite autogynephiles These are
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Happy Trump Day!

RepublishReprint Well, it’s here at last, Trump Day The twentieth of January 2017 This is the day we begin to roll back the tide and
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