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Bastille Day!

RepublishReprint This Bastille Day was celebrated with the usual style in our village I have photographs of this going back twenty years

Flics: Traffic cops in France

RepublishReprint Les Flics: just as you can’t write about life in France without discussing wine, you can’t write about it without

Pork, Secularism, and Anarchy

RepublishReprint Pork It’s such a mainstay of French cuisine, that it’s frankly impossible to conceive of French food culture

Napoleon was a Big Guy Really

RepublishReprint Napoleon was actually a tall guy Did you know that It’s true The legend that the great conqueror of Europe was severely

Gendarmes, Police and Faulty Speedos

RepublishReprint  My friend Antoine the potter had a little incident with the Gendarmes from Bligny not long ago Now before I begin this

Hot Cross Buns–Cakes for the Goddess

RepublishReprint   Hot cross buns That’s what this article is about So why do I have a picture of a Roman sculpture of a

Ley-lines: how an English Gent launched the New Age movement

RepublishReprint Alfred Watkins’ Ley-lines Ley-lines were invented by an Englishman called Alfred Watkins, who had spent much time

Grip: How to hold the fiddle and bow

RepublishReprint Once you have the grip of the instrument under the chin sorted out, the next thing to address is the right hand’s

God proposition: god true or god false?

RepublishReprint The god proposition is supported not by fact, but by faith At the end of the day, the final word that the

Film: To Sing in its Praise Today?

RepublishReprint So what is there to sing in praise of film Surely it is a nasty, dirty, smelly procedure best consigned to the bucket of

Treescapes 01

RepublishReprint Some more examples of Treescapes Treescapes– pictures of woodland–have been a really big part of my landscape

Slugs and Snails and Tomato Plants?

RepublishReprint   Tomato Plants on the agenda again Tomato plants Well, spring in France this year was the worst I can remember, and
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