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The Realpolitik of Islamism

RepublishReprint   It is now over twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall; for many young people, the Cold War, of which it was
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Palawan, Philippines, 2012

RepublishReprint Palawan is an island in the west of the Mimaropa Admistrative region of the Philippines The Phils is divided colloquially

Why French Men Watch the News

RepublishReprint Ever wonder why French men watch the news I did a piece a while ago about ‘Why Americans Go To Church’ which

Peg Replacement on a Fiddle or Violin

RepublishReprint To replace a peg, you’ll need the right tools Some of these are very specialised, and can be expensive, but even

Philippines and Thailand March 2013

RepublishReprint                   I visited the Philippines to see my then girlfriend Crissy

The stove story

RepublishReprint Life certainly has an interesting tapestry here in P’tit Moulin This morning I was awakened at some ungodly hour—well,

Low-Key Photographs: What they are and how to make them.

RepublishReprint Tones, Highlight and Shadows Key is an essential consideration in all photographs It helps to influence the mood of your

Poaching the River in English!

RepublishReprint  Poaching the River is back on the shelves, both physical and virtual, so I have been addressing the next issue  

Am I gay if I like transsexual women?

RepublishReprint This is probably the most frequently asked question on any discussion board that deals with this subject, to the point

Poaching the River Back in Print and Ebook

RepublishReprint Poaching the River was my first published book It’s back in print! (and ebook!) Buy it HERE from Amazoncouk or HERE

Can Blanchard’s Typology of Transsex be Saved?

RepublishReprint Ray Blanchard’s typology of transsexuals has come in for a lot of stick I think it’s fair to say that ever since the

Boracay, A Hidden Tropical Paradise

RepublishReprint Boracay: White Sand and Plenty of Fun    Boracay is a bouquet of impressions Triangular sails silhouetted against
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