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The Naked Truth

RepublishReprint I grew up in a world where photography, especially monochrome photography, was synonymous with ‘truth’ That was never

Is Witch-burning Back? The Religious Right Is.

RepublishReprint Witch-burning is out of fashion in the West these days Fortunately But the religious intolerance that caused it is still

Silas Farsight Update

RepublishReprint Wow, Silas Farsight is NOW AVAILABLE through Amazon as a print book Grab the chance while you can! All orders are

Silas Farsight

RepublishReprint My first book for children and young people, Silas Farsight, will be published next week through CreateSpace as a print

The Church of Hedonism

RepublishReprint I’m going to become a Hedonist No really, I am Seriously I am going to join the Church of Hedonism Yup Before this

Fuck This

RepublishReprint Been that sort of a week so far Click here for reuse options!Copyright 2013 Rod Fleming's World Rod Fleming on

Migration Update

RepublishReprint Nope, it’s not about legions of ladyboys moving home to Europe (I wish) As planned, MacShreach is moving to a hosted

That Must Really Really Sting

RepublishReprint   A random and I must admit mischievous Google search—the masculine gay male is a fraud—really turned into an

This Must Stop

RepublishReprint I am proud to be a European Our culture has many faults, yet at the same time it has given the world so much Science and

Elephants in the Room (and Crocodiles)

RepublishReprint It’s the elephant in the room, where relations between transwomen and men are concerned Almost without exception,

The Ideal Partner?

RepublishReprint The fact is that the transwoman’s dream–of finding a young, fit, handsome, financially secure, STRAIGHT Mr

Summer at Last

RepublishReprint Well, summer did finally arrive here in P’tit Moulin and the warm balmy days are back I must say they are very
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