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Merry Xmas!

RepublishReprint Merry Xmas, Christmas, Yule, Saturnalia, Holidaysit doesn’t really matter what it’s called, because the meaning is the

Time is Running Out!

RepublishReprint Time Is Running Out! (To get your free e-book!) French Onion Soup! my hilarious new book about life in France, is still

Jesus? I have a better story than that…

RepublishReprint Today marks the first day in one of our greatest annual cultural events: the winter solstice From now until the 25th, the

Christians is Bitchin’

RepublishReprint Christians is bitchin’—again Well they do this every solstice, so it shouldn’t be a surprise Personally I find the

Singing the World into Being

RepublishReprint I first read about the Songlines in the late Bruce Chatwyn’s eponymous book, and even then the concept fascinated me The

Richard Dawkins is WRONG!

RepublishReprint Richard Dawkins is WRONG He’s just plain wrong and even though his wrongness is perhaps understandable, that doesn’t

French Onion Soup! for free-UPDATE

RepublishReprint I’ve received quite a lot of interest in my new book, French Onion Soup! This will remain available here as a free

Something Greater

RepublishReprint I’m sometimes asked if I don’t feel that I am missing out, by not believing in ‘something greater’ It’s a valid

French Onion Soup! (At Last!)

RepublishReprint French Onion Soup! is here at last!!!! My hilarious, quirky, must-read book about a crazy Scotsman living the French Dream

The Storytelling Ape

RepublishReprint It’s a striking thought that civilisation evolved here on Earth only 7,000 years ago Since then, humans have achieved

Atheism and Antitheism

RepublishReprint It’s quite obvious that there is a huge amount of real hatred for atheists amongst some groups of people American

Happy Fire Festival!

RepublishReprint Well, it’s the Fifth of November; Samhain (that’s pronounced sow-en) is very much upon us and winter, that bane of my
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