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Word of the day: Religionard

RepublishReprint I’m going to do a series on words and phrases Some of these will be ones I made up, others will be borrowed I’ll tell

Whither Now Scotland

RepublishReprint Whither Now Scotland: Dateline: Friday 19 September 2014 By Rod Fleming, reporting from Calton Hill in Edinburgh,

Pursuing the Goddess

RepublishReprint Since 2002 I have been researching into something that I felt more than anything else Something was nagging me At the time

Faith Destroys Friendship

RepublishReprint A while ago I lost a friend I don’t mean to say he died; he didn’t I hope he is well, and has a long life But we

Wot? No Rabbits? – The Brither

RepublishReprint Wot no Rabbits Now my brother was a bit of a character I’m not talking about my wee brother, here, or the big one I

The ‘Ontological Argument’= busted

RepublishReprint Anti-apologism 1: The ‘Ontological Argument’= busted When dealing with religious apologists it’s always better

The Call of Duty?

RepublishReprint The last time I was back  in Scotland, I was asked, ‘Would you ever live here again’ I gave a non-committal answer to

Sticks, Ice-Creams and Specks of Dust

RepublishReprint A long time ago, when I lived in Arbroath in Scotland, my role before opening up the old Fleming Partners office was to do

RIP My Lovely

RepublishReprint Sniff! She died She’s been with me these last five years, and she’d been around a good few years before we met She was

45% of Americans are Retards.

RepublishReprint 45% of Americans—well, people in the United States of America, which is, as far as they seem to be concerned, all of


RepublishReprint Ever seen a real man-trap My neighbour was given this with a load of other bits and bobs She thought it was a toy, but

Live, Love and Stop Making a Fuss.

RepublishReprint On the end of an affair Well, there it is; for the last fourteen months I was very much involved with someone, and now
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