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Marriage is not as simple as they want you to think

RepublishReprint Human pair-bonding can be one of the most satisfying and awe-inspiring experiences available to us The feelings of love,

French Onion Soup On Free Promo

RepublishReprint My book, French Onion Soup is on free promo in the Amazon Kindle Store on the 27th and 28th of January Enjoy Click here

Roofs in France

RepublishReprint France is divided, basically, into the north, where tuiles plats were traditional roof covering tiles, and the south,

Happy New Year!

RepublishReprint Happy New Year 2015! I try not to write about myself too much, but this seems a perfect excuse 2014 got off to the worst

Tell me again how the SNP ‘lost’…

RepublishReprint It’s been two months since the Independence Referendum in Scotland, and the results are now becoming clear The initial

Why America is the World’s Rape Capital

RepublishReprint It is a perhaps surprising fact that more women are raped in the United States every year than anywhere else in the world,

Ben Affleck is a Misogynist

RepublishReprint The recent exchange between Hollywood star Ben Affleck and writer Sam Harris on Bill Maher’s popular show has


RepublishReprint   My my my, wonders will never cease The devastatingly lacklustre leader of ‘Scottish’ Labour, Johann Lamont –

Jennifer Laude, Victim of Hate

RepublishReprint On the 11th of October 2014, a young woman went to a cheap hotel in Olongapo City in the Philippines, with a man later

How Osborne’s Currency Roulette Backfired

RepublishReprint Well, what a fascinating weekend we just had in the Scottish Independence campaign After weeks slowly getting redder and

Wood in Traditional Building 2: Poplar and Pine

RepublishReprint The next two timbers to consider are Poplar and Pine   Poplar Everyone will be familiar with the beautiful poplar

The Goddess in The Philippines

RepublishReprint The Goddess is a big deal in the Philippines and goddesses are out in strength there this week The occasion is the closing
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