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Wood in Traditional Building 1: Oak

RepublishReprint Wood is, along with stone and earth, one of the principal materials used in the construction of buildings, and

Hosting Migration Complete

RepublishReprint Just to let you know that after a tricky week, the main rodflemingcom blog has now been migrated to a new host Actual

Tryst on Februar Fowerteen – A Scots Allegory

RepublishReprint A fell cauld wind wis sauchin ower the muir as the bonny wumman gart her wey tae tryst her jo For the necht wis Februar

The Vampire Rises : Roads to Referendum 3

RepublishReprint Eight years after Scotland voted ‘Yes’ to Devolution, but had seen this victory snatched away by Westminster, things

The Empty Palace: Roads to Referendum 2

RepublishReprint During the 1980s, Scotland’s political scene was polarised by a cathartic and visceral detestation of the UK Tory Prime

Transmedia: Anju Thonsamay

RepublishReprint I’ve been researching the available resources both for transwomen and men who are interested in knowing more and meeting

French Onion Soup! in the News

RepublishReprint Those avid readers who live in Scotland will be able to see yours truly’s geggy mutt plastered all over the pages of The

Happy Imbolc!

RepublishReprint Imbolc, (pr EEmulk), is an ancient fire festival that marks the end of the dead part of the year Originally it was

Spain Proposes Anti-Abortion Law: Protest

RepublishReprint Today, women, and men, all over Europe are out in protest Why Because senior Spanish politicians, led by Alberto

Muslims we Must Support: Maajid Nawaz

RepublishReprint Last week, Maajid Nawaz, a United Kingdom Liberal Democratic Party parliamentary candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn,

The Roads to Referendum: 1

RepublishReprint This year’s Scottish Independence Referendum is  one of the most important political events in the lives of most living

Word of the day: Religionard

RepublishReprint I’m going to do a series on words and phrases Some of these will be ones I made up, others will be borrowed I’ll tell
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