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French Onion Soup! on promo

RepublishReprint French Onion Soup! my hilarious collection of stories about a mad Scotsman living in France with his family, is on

Southern Baptism

RepublishReprint A couple of years ago I wrote an article called ‘Why Americans Go to Church‘ At the time I was making a rather

Labour’s Zombie Blues

RepublishReprint The last few weeks have been intensely busy for me, with four books to be finished by a deadline of the 30th May This has

Somos Todos Veronica #somostodosveronica

RepublishReprint Todos Somos Veronica This weekend Veronica Bolina, a transwoman from Sao Paulo in Brazil, was savagely beaten, probably

It’s Not About the Economy, Stupid

RepublishReprint The unending and apparently increasing hysteria of the London commentariat in response to the spectacular rise of the SNP

Boris Johnson is Right on Sharia

RepublishReprint It’s not often that I give the words of the disingenuously shambolic Boris Johnson an awful lot of thought, really

We Live in Interesting Times

RepublishReprint We live in interesting times, as the proverb says, politically speaking at least The ‘United’ Kingdom’s

New Year’s Resolution

RepublishReprint New Year’s Resolutions have never really been my thing, but this year I have made one Let me explain Twenty-two

A watershed month

RepublishReprint January 2015 has been a watershed month France and the world was shocked by a brutal and vicious massacre of journalists


RepublishReprint The web has seen a flurry of debate recently on the subject of ‘bisexuals’ This group is one of the most revealing as

Philippines Diary: Jeepneys

RepublishReprint Most people have at least heard about jeepneys, the ubiquitous, colourful and incredibly noisy backbone of the Philippines

Marriage is not as simple as they want you to think

RepublishReprint Human pair-bonding can be one of the most satisfying and awe-inspiring experiences available to us The feelings of love,
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