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People don’t ‘become’ transsexual.

RepublishReprint People do not ‘become’ transsexual They just are And all the abuse in the world can’t change that

We live in a world of terror.

RepublishReprint Terror comes in many forms There is state terror; organised terror which is not state-promoted (NGO terror if you like);

Germany has destroyed the European Dream

RepublishReprint Today I am spitting nails I have not been as angry as this for 20 years The last time I felt my blood boiling like this

Probability? Get off my doorstep.

RepublishReprint I had an unusual experience last week here at Mission Control in Darkest France I was door-stepped by Evangelists We

Germany, the bully of Europe

RepublishReprint It’s not that often I agree with Suzanne Moore So that has to be noteworthy for a start I find myself agreeing with

Greece in Overwhelming Vote for Democracy.

RepublishReprint With 15% of the vote now counted, Greece looks set to vote ‘NO’ in its referendum by an

Why would a man not want to date a trans woman?

RepublishReprint I’m motivated to write this because of an exchange on Quora last week, which I think is worth developing The

A Greek Lesson in Democracy

RepublishReprint Greece is the oft-lauded birthplace of democracy and perhaps it is fitting that this small and fiercely idiosyncratic

Toilets aren’t just a storm in a urinal

RepublishReprint Clearly everyone should use the toilet they feel most comfortable in That should be a given No-one needs to know

Marriage Equality and the Decline of Religiosity

RepublishReprint In western Europe, the Americas and elsewhere, a revolution has taken place over the last few years Go back 200 years and

Transgender – Is there really an increase?

RepublishReprint Following on the significant increase in media exposure that transgender has enjoyed in recent weeks, is this phenomenon

Why Antisemitism is the Root Cause of the Palestinian Problem – Jim Ashby, guest poster

RepublishReprint Political correctitude has evolved into an intolerant, totalitarian, supremacist ideology One that shouts down dissent and
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