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Bonobos: our pansexual cousins

RepublishReprint I’ve spent a lot of time looking at how societies might have been structured before the development of agriculture¬†

Gay is square and trans is hip

RepublishReprint   When I was at art school in Edinburgh in the early 1980s, there was only one place to be: the Hoochie-Koochie Club

Only Corbyn can save Labour’s ass

RepublishReprint You can’t steal the Tories’ political clothes Future historians will see the 2010 UK General Election as the

Evolution observed in trout

RepublishReprint You have to be brain-dead to deny the fact of Evolution these days Well, these last 150 years actually… Apparently

3 Ps One: Pot; marijuana

RepublishReprint The first of our 3 Ps is Pot Pot — marijuana, cannabis, grass, weed, call it what you like, has been used by humans

Pot, Porn and Prostitution – 3 Ps

RepublishReprint There are three parameters that I think define the level of freedom we actually enjoy I call them the ‘3 Ps’

Europe’s immigration crisis erupts

RepublishReprint A man was killed yesterday during a mass attack as at least 1500 people attempted to board trucks entering the Eurotunnel

Reims Bikini Attack: Suspects named

RepublishReprint The broader media gave the story of how a young woman was set upon by five other women for sunbathing in a bikini in a

An exploration of transgender lives

RepublishReprint The Warm Pink Jelly Express Train was a very difficult book to write Compared to my previous one, Poaching the River, it

Woman attacked for wearing bikini

RepublishReprint It’s a case of double-speak gone mad On Wednesday lunchtime, at the L√©o-Lagrange Park near the town centre of

Why Islam must embrace Secularism

RepublishReprint The only way for the Muslim community, insofar as it can be referred to by such a homogeneous term, to resolve the

Five Genders – The Bugis of Indonesia

RepublishReprint When we were doing the research for Why Men Made God I kept coming across cultures where non-binary gender or sexual
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