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Hunter Avallone: Just a publicity whore.

RepublishReprint A deliberately provocative video by a YouTube publicity whore calling himself ‘Hunter Avallone’ has a new

Autogynephilia Explained

RepublishReprint Autogynephilia was defined by Dr Ray Blanchard His studies focussed  on patients born male who desired Genital

Sink the lifeboats.

RepublishReprint In recent months there has been an increasing clamour, from well-meaning individuals all over the globe, to build

Identity Politics = Totalitarianism

RepublishReprint ‘Identity politics’ claims, on the face of it, that everyone has the right to identify as anything they want,


RepublishReprint Balls: why ‘Gay Marriage’ is as dumb as it gets I have had the dubious privilege of being exposed to some

Unli sex: the foundation of Islam

RepublishReprint Unlimited sex after death: the foundation of Islam The basis of the patriarchy is nowhere better seen today than in Islam

Drinking rum with Bowie’s ghost

RepublishReprint I am drinking rum with a ghost He’s sitting over there with all my memories beside him He wrote the soundtrack to my

Why are transgenders so evident in Asia?

RepublishReprint Almost all credible authorities, according to GIRES in the UK, now agree that the baseline minimum for gender

Je suis Paris

RepublishReprint I was out on my Ducati on Friday; you know, Friday the 13th It was a beautiful morning, sunny and mild, and I was thinking

Are the sexes unequal?

RepublishReprint There is a difference between sex and gender; I am going to begin with sex (you’ll see why) Sex refers to our

Jenner: not the face of trans women

RepublishReprint If you’ve been anywhere near a media outlet over the last few months you won’t ave been able to avoid noticing

Keisha Jenkins: Say Her Name

RepublishReprint Say Her Name Go on Say it Keisha Jenkins According to Philadelphia Police, Keisha Jenkins, 22, was ambushed by about five
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