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There is no enemy but Islam: it must be named and shamed

RepublishReprint There is no enemy but Islam and until we name it, we will not be safe from it This morning, the wires are alive with news
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How the Red Pill opened my eyes — and why you should take it too

RepublishReprint Until quite recently, I had no idea what it meant to be ‘Red-pilled’ It turns out that thisĀ  comes from the
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Feminism: a cancer that destroys the matriarchy — and our culture.

RepublishReprint We in the West are lucky We live in the most varied, rich and progressive culture the world has ever known Its foundation
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The Fall of France: Macron’s election and the Greater Germany

RepublishReprint Yesterday, the 7th of May 2017, will be long remembered It is the day of the Fall of France This is not the first Fall of
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I’m back from the Philippines. And I don’t like that.

RepublishReprint I’m back from the Philippines again As many of you will know, I’ve been going there every winter for the last
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Baler: Pacific Paradise Escapade in Luzon

RepublishReprint I had no idea what I’d find in Baler I just knew I wanted to see the sea After months in Plaridel, which, while
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Enoch Powell and the rivers of blood.

RepublishReprint In the week after yet another terrorist attack perpetrated by a Muslim in the United Kingdom, and the tragic and pointless
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Sexual terminology: what you should know.

RepublishReprint Sexual terminology has become a major issue, or well, at least one that should raise a laugh So let’s clear it up,
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Am I gay for having sex with a ladyboy?

RepublishReprint Okay So, maybe you just woke up after a wild night, looked over the bed and there beside you, happily dreaming away
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Pageants: the key to understanding ladyboys

RepublishReprint On Sunday March 12th we went to watch the ‘Mr Lady’ beauty pageant at Robinson’s Place, Malalos, here in
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Malolos: Street photography and ladyboys

RepublishReprint On the 25th of February, we went to Malolos, the capital of Bulacan, to see a ladyboy parade; but it never appeared
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Capitalism: is there an alternative in free societies?

RepublishReprint There is no alternative to Capitalism in a free society Removing it would also necessarily remove the foundation of
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