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Baler: Pacific Paradise Escapade in Luzon

RepublishReprint I had no idea what I’d find in Baler. I just knew I wanted to see the sea. After months in Plaridel, which, while nic

Enoch Powell and the rivers of blood.

RepublishReprint In the week after yet another terrorist attack perpetrated by a Muslim in the United Kingdom, and the tragic and pointless

Sexual terminology: what you should know.

RepublishReprint Sexual terminology has become a major issue, or well, at least one that should raise a laugh. So let’s clear it up, s

Am I gay for having sex with a ladyboy?

RepublishReprint Okay. So, maybe you just woke up after a wild night, looked over the bed and there beside you, happily dreaming away withou

Pageants: the key to understanding ladyboys

RepublishReprint On Sunday March 12th we went to watch the ‘Mr Lady’ beauty pageant at Robinson’s Place, Malalos, here in

Malolos: Street photography and ladyboys

RepublishReprint On the 25th of February, we went to Malolos, the capital of Bulacan, to see a ladyboy parade; but it never appeared. Ladybo

Capitalism: is there an alternative in free societies?

RepublishReprint There is no alternative to Capitalism in a free society. Removing it would also necessarily remove the foundation of Enligh

Enlightened Culture and the price we must pay

RepublishReprint We have absolutely no hope whatsoever of preventing the climatic catastrophe that is coming. Even were we to stabilise gree

Trump’s stand for science: Title IX rights restored to women

RepublishReprint Last week US President Donald Trump reversed one of the most egregious acts of anti-science perpetrated by the catastrophic

Trudeau’s Cynical PR Stunt Mocks Disabled People

RepublishReprint In a long career as a news and PR photographer and journalist, I have seen some sick ideas, some stupid ideas and quite a f

Sweden: How feminist emasculation broke a State

RepublishReprint Sweden is proud, today, to say that it has a woman president and a largely female Cabinet. This is lauded by feminists the

The Monster Geewaha-nalior

RepublishReprint I wrote this piece about a sea-monster in 2008 and always liked it. It was aimed at children and those with young minds. I
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