French Onion Soup! for free-UPDATE


I’ve received quite a lot of interest in my new book, French Onion Soup! This will remain available here as a free download till Christmas.

However some people have expressed that they’re having difficulties with the original download, so I have added a few alternatives. They’re below.

This offer is now closed but you can go here to buy a copy of French Onion Soup!

If you’re using an Apple device I understand that you must have the iBooks app installed and then the app should open the original .epub with no problems.

I find Calibre less than perfect on Linux, although it is excellent on Windows, and so I suggest FB Reader, especially if all you want to do is read, rather than process, the files. It’s small and light and of course, FREE! You can get it HERE

Calibre is excellent, with the above considerations, but it’s a big download. It’s available HERE

After Christmas I will enrol the French Onion Soup! into Kindle Select on Amazon. To do this I will have to take the files here down as they specify that to be part of Select, the Kindle Store must be the only source. However, I will be able to offer five FREE download days through that service, every 90 days, direct from the Kindle Store. So I will enrol it, and then set up the FREE download days as five consecutive Wednesdays (after Chrstmas.)

I will post all the dates here and on FaceBook.

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