France Finally Votes for Same Sex Marriage

Common sense and the prevailing will of the majority were reflected in an overwhelming vote in the French National Assembly to legalise same-sex marriage. The first weddings could be as soon as June this year, according to agency sources.

The measure was part of President Francois Hollande’s election manifesto last year but has been desperately opposed by religious and secular conservatives.  Catholic, Muslim and Jewish leaders all railed against the propostion, supported by the extremist Front National and other, less savoury elements of the far right.

Opponents bussed their dwindling support from city to city in an effort to make the level of opposition seem higher than it ever really was, and frequently, the legitimate political voice was overwhelmed by violence, both of the orchestrated, large-scale type which saw city centres devastated by riots, and on a more personal level, with transphobic and homophobic beatings widely reported. In fact 4000 French riot police armed with water cannons were standing by in Paris as the vote was announced, to quell any violent reaction to the news.

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