I created this site in order to showcase some of the finest photography produced over the last two centuries. Most of the work featured is of nudes and most of the subjects are female. I make no apology for this. We live in an increasingly censorious world and it is up to all of us to combat that.

I make no money from this site and I maintain it only as a homage to fine photography and photographers. Whenever possible I link to each photographer’s own site and people interested in owning copies of their work should go there to purchase. The images here are as small as I can make them while maintaining some quality.

To the photographers: I’m a photographer, like you. I hope you will appreciate that your inclusion here is a compliment, from one professional to another. If I can deliver a small amount more recognition for your work, a slightly increased audience or even a few sales, then I will be quite happy with that.

Naturally, if you see your work here and would rather it were taken down, contact me directly.

Rod Fleming