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Anca Cernoschi

Anca Cernoschi is a Romanian artist who now lives in Timisoara. She says:

‘In a world where images spread like an epidemic, a confusion between the real and imaginary arises. I work with natural light almost exclusively, I prefer domestic interiors because they give a feeling of authenticity to the image. I photograph things the way I’d like them to be seen by the others, strongly believing that in the moment they are exposed to the world, they don’t belong to me anymore, that is why I find very important where and how it’s seen, who has access to them and what are the responses. These images are storytelling portraits, like a memory about the past or maybe the future. They are almost classical eastern-european portraits with romantic overtones, with a timeless element.

I studied arts for 7 years and started my photographic art endeavors 11 years ago. I’m still experimenting with techniques and styles but a preference for medium format film camera is slowly emerging.’

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