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In the year 2000, the Internet was not as we know it now. There was no Facebook or YouTube; no Twitter or Instagram. Google had just been founded (1998) and Amazon was an online bookstore that had never turned a profit.

A great deal of the interaction on the internet in those long-gone days was on text-based newsgroups, where like-minded individuals would share ideas and their likes and dislikes. As you can imagine, there were a wide variety of such groups and many were devoted to photography.

Amongst these were groups dedicated to Fine Art Photography. One of the principal areas of interest was, naturally, photography of the nude.

Over the course of 18 months or so, I regularly downloaded the weekly digests of posts. Often these might contain images from dozens of different photographers. Just keeping track was hard. The images were small because so many people were on clunky old dial-up services. I was on ISDN, a late and unlamented protocol that bundled phone lines together to wring out every last drop of bandwidth.

In 2001 I moved with my family to France and, in the furore of moving home and business, other things took precedence. When we returned to Scotland in 2004, we had — hallelujah — broadband.

The old newsgroups had withered and died in the intervening time, but nobody seemed to take up the task of preserving this incredible resource of photography.

So, here it is. This is an art photography site. It mainly showcases nudes. Most of these are women. If the sight of women with no clothes on offends you, this is not the best place for you.

Wherever possible I have identified the photographer and have tried to get in touch. Where I now the artist’s name, I have stated it, with any available links. Unfortunately some of the images are watermarked, not with the photographer’s name, but with the original uploader’s. Again, I will make this clear wherever possible. But in many cases I either do not know the name, or the photographer has not responded.

Some of the photographers are well-known and some hardly at all. I selected the images because I liked them, not because of the photographer’s name.

So my caveat: If you see your work here and would like to be identified, please drop me a line using the contact form. I will update the credits and place links to your site. I have no commercial interest in this. My only concern is that this great photography should, once again, be visible. If you see your work and are insistent that it should not be shown then ask and I will take it down; mea culpa. I am just one photographer trying to do right by other photographers.

If you are a photographer and you have images that you would like to showcase and share, please get in touch and I will give you either ftp or email details to allow you to send them. Again, I will link back to your site, Etsy, or wherever you sell. Even in these miserable days when the disease of feminism and its ghastly love-brat, Political Correctness, have done so much to destroy art, alongside the ravages of Postmodernism, I believe there are still real artists out there. Please join us.

Almost all the images are rather small, because of the nature of the internet at that time. Sending high-resolution images — which I did professionally — was time consuming and expensive; our phone bills at Scotscape Media were often over a thousand dollars a month. I apologise for this, but again, I think it better that these be shown than potentially lost forever.

I have organised the pictures into alphabetic categories. I should imagine that getting these all online, and maintaining some semblance of order, will take some time. I’ll used tags to try to indicate relationships between artists, eg, ‘American’, ‘British’, and also some indication f the type — ‘erotica’, ‘classic nude’ ‘porn-art’ and so on. I hope you will find these helpful and, as always, please consider leaving a donation using the big yellow Paypal button.

I am sure that the sight of so much naked female skin will upset a few feminists. Let me make it quite clear: I am aware of this and I don’t care. This is my turf. Deal with it; you are at liberty not to visit.

If you do like the site, please leave a donation by clicking the bog yellow button.

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