Why Men Made God

Why Men Made God wmmg-ebook-cvr-198x300Why Men Made God is a revelatory book.

Authors R. A. Fleming and Karis Burkowski lead the reader through humanity’s journey of cultural development.

The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Celts and northern Europeans all had pantheons of gods and goddesses. What changed and led to the idea of just one, all-powerful God? Why was the original Goddess abandoned in favour of a sequence of sky-fathers? Who wrote the Bible and why? What impact does that have on us today?

Why Men Made God answers  these questions, in a pacy and easy-to-read manner,  backed up with science. The book has over 400 references.

For tens of thousands of years, we belonged to the land we lived on. Then we decided that the land belonged to us. Why did we make this change?

Why did the disparity in status between men and women appear? Why is our modern culture so homophobic? Why Men Made God explains.

This book traces our cultural development from hunter-gatherers to semi-nomads, through the adoption of agriculture and city life, and shows how we changed from a cooperative, peaceful society to one based on division, avarice, conflict and the subjugation of women, children and the planet itself by men.

Knowing and understanding our history explains our present. From our attitudes about gender expression and gender equality to the economic imbalance that is undermining our culture, Why Men Made God sheds light on our disastrous abuse of the environment and our refusal to address the looming climate crisis.

The authors’ conclusions are challenging. If we do not make concerted, global efforts to counteract climate change now, future generations will suffer catastrophic consequences. This book presents a path to regaining balance in the world, to assure our own future and that of our children.

Everyone should know this story, it affects us all.

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