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  1. Hi Rob,

    No problem,…concerning your reply on the ‘low key photography’ I will post my comment here if you don’t matter.
    Since I have a incident meter and no spot meter does this not make it impossible to make decent low or high images?
    When I meter a scene and want to make a normal picture (no low or high key) I hold the dome of the light meter towards the camera measure the EV value and then cover it with my hand to measure the shadow parts. Since the meter shows me a reading for neutral grey I stop down 2 or 1 stop to set my shadows in zone III or IV. Depending of the overall light in the scene I rate the Fuji Acros 100 film half box speed in case of normal light and increase developing with 20%.
    In a second case if I do want a low key image by measuring the sky, should I hold the dome towards the sky to measure the EV value and stop down for 2 stops, to bring the highlights from VII to V? And opposite for a high key image,…I give 2 stops more light?

    PS : my film images can be seen on flickr like this one

    Your comment is much appreciated.

    Best Regards


    1. I’m not trying to discourage you, but even though I have spamblockers, I still get plenty of bogus mail, so if you want me to contact you then you’ll have to spend a moment or two telling me why so I don’t think you’re a bot.

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