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Elephants in the Room (and Crocodiles)

It’s the elephant in the room, where relations between transwomen and men are concerned. Almost without exception, the assertion is made that the men who like transwomen are straight. Yet when you talk to transwomen in private or read their blogs, a very different picture appears. The majority of men who seek out transwomen far from being straight or anything close, are closet autogynephilic homosexuals (and homophobic to boot).

We would not expect honesty from these men about this; after all, look at the lengths they go just to deny their own homosexuality and maintain a false facade of hetero-normativity. Their words may be taken with a moderately-sized bucket of salt. But what about the girls? Why do transwomen ever lend credibility to this falsehood? Why don’t they just call these guys out from the get-go? Continue reading Elephants in the Room (and Crocodiles)

The Ideal Partner?

ladyboy partnerThe fact is that the transwoman’s dream–of finding a young, fit, handsome, financially secure, STRAIGHT Mr Right, who will stick around, will almost never happen and a lot of broken hearts are made along the way. I know there are some exceptions and I wish them all the very best.

Most straight males will eventually want children; I don’t care what they say. This will hit them usually no later than their mid-thirties, and by and large, that’s when the fantasy ends; they go and find a genetic woman who can provide what they’re looking for. Adoption just doesn’t cut it for men, unless it’s the only recourse because they are sterile themselves. Continue reading The Ideal Partner?

Am I gay if I like transsexual women?

This is probably the most frequently asked question on any discussion board that deals with this subject, to the point that asking it can produce hilarity. But it’s a legitimate question and the fact is that any man who admits to a liking for transwomen will be thought by many to be gay.

 The media, in particular the US media, reinforces this stereotypical attitude, which is deeply conservative.

 So the question is one that any man who likes transwomen has to answer for himself, and I want to try to help if I can.

Continue reading Am I gay if I like transsexual women?

Why are transsexual women so desired by straight men? 1.

It simply won’t do to suggest that a pre-operative transsexual woman could fool a man into believing that he has entered a vagina, when in fact it is her anus, unless he’s a virgin. The two openings feel completely different, especially at the point of entry, and even allowing for the presence of a thick condom, lubrication and the possible influence of alcohol, this trick could not be pulled off without some willingness to play along on the part of the man. Yet plenty of men find transsex women very attractive and will seek them out and even pay in order to penetrate them. Why? Continue reading Why are transsexual women so desired by straight men? 1.