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The Patriarchy made God

The Patriarchy made God patriarchs-kissing
The leaders of the patriarchy’s PR machine known as ‘religion’ — elderly men in dresses kissing each other

The patriarchy made God to impose male Supremacy

The patriarchy invented the Abrahamic sky-god death-cults of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and so these are the most extremely misogynistic of the major religions. Their hatred of women oozes like pus from every page of their texts. Women are slaves, the chattels of their fathers, to be sold off as sex slaves to male owners for whom their only function is to provide male heirs and, perhaps as an unfortunate by-product, replacement baby-factories like themselves.

From within the patriarchy, it is practically impossible to see it. It’s like the old saw: you can’t see the wood for the trees. We all contribute to it, willy-nilly. Just look at your name — or mine, for that matter: Rod Fleming. My name and my father’s name. But wait: why? What did he do? He fucked my mother, that’s all. Just as your father fucked your mother. But that was where his input ended. Who carried you through gestation? Who went through the pain and potentially lethal risk of parturition so that you could be alive? Your mother did. And where is her name? Nowhere. Your legal title is determined by a brief sexual encounter that ended in an ovum being fertilised. That’s it.

So should I change my name? To Rollo, my mother’s maiden name? But wait, her mother was a Martin, the Rollo name came from a similarly brief encounter. In fact, look at your ‘family tree’. It’s all based on male inheritance. If you could trace it back a thousand years — and precious few, if any, can do that — it would still just be the record of the path of forty or so fucks. That’s it. Of the women whose labour — literally — allows it to exist at all, nothing is known. Just the men. Continue reading The Patriarchy made God