bisexual The web has seen a flurry of debate recently on the subject of ‘bisexuals’. This group is one of the most revealing as far as human sexuality is concerned and the treatment the individuals within it have received possibly even more so.

One might expect opprobrium from the so-called ‘straight’ mainstream…those who claim to be permanently, or at least exclusively-as-long-as-it- lasts (or no-one finds out) monogamous, and of course, heterosexual. The fact that most people within this group are neither of the above and furthermore do not understand the intricacies of human sexuality makes them neither less of an apparent majority, nor any less dangerous, as the ongoing murders of ‘gay’ men in Islamic territories confirms.

At the same time, career academics like Mike Bailey have used pseudo-science, a priori misconceptions and ruthless self-publicising to promote themselves at the cost of great damage to ‘bisexual’ and other groups.

More surprising, however, is the scorn heaped upon them by the ‘gay’ community. That is to say, those who profess to be uniquely attracted to persons of the same gender as themselves.

In this, the ‘gay’ community, at least in the West – which has, as we shall see, very peculiar ideas about these things – is enacting a bizarre paradox. A group which self-identified because it was being oppressed for not conforming to the patriarchal mainstream’s notions of how people should relate and behave, oppresses another for exactly the same reasons.

The absurd logic of Western ‘gay activists’, of course, is well known: for decades they have been doing the exact same to transpeople – but now that being trans is becoming cool, they keep their snide comments about them private, and hate on ‘bisexuals’ instead.

‘Bisexuals’ self-identify in far smaller numbers than trans people and, in the West, that means a very great deal less than ‘gay’ people. The apparent size of the group makes it an easy target for both ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ demagogues intent on promoting a particular, self-serving, orthodoxy and political correctness.

Well it’s time to disabuse.

In the first place, the Western concept of ‘gay’ is unique to the West. It is a function of the Western Anglo-Saxon patriarchy, or rather, a reaction against it. That is why ‘gay’ activists so readily adopt the techniques of the patriarchy, albeit, thankfully, in lesser degree. But the difference is only one of degree. Once again conformity is the motivator.

Western concepts of ‘gay’, except insofar as they have been imported by the patriarchy, have, simply, no meaning in Asia, for example – yet Asia is a place where the rainbow diversity of human gender expression and sexuality is most vibrantly visible. All they didn’t have, until the West imported it, was ‘gays’. They had plenty of people with penises having sex with others with penises though, and that has not changed.

The Western concept of ‘gay’, a person uniquely attracted to others of the same gender, is bogus. It is a socio-political construct that ceases to have any meaning outside the Western patriarchy itself.

So what about ‘straight’ people? Well, Kinsey conclusively proved, over half a century ago, that persons genuinely, exclusively attracted to other of the opposite gender are vanishingly rare. When we apply a factor to account for the fact that Kinsey did his research in one of the most sexually-repressive patriarchies in the world, the United States, we must conclude that ‘straight’ people are as rare as the Snark. In fact, to turn the disgraced Mike Bailey’s infamous quote on its ear, everyone is bisexual, or lying.

The patriarchy, especially in its most virulent forms, as found in the Christian West and in Islam, applies huge pressure on individuals to conform to its rules of behaviour. It does not hesitate to torture and murder individuals just for who they love, and social exclusion is its stock-in-trade.

In recent decades, in less barbarous parts of the world, the physical abuse has given way to others meted out by behaviourist psychologists who assume, a priori and with no evidentiary basis, that the patriarchal model is the only appropriate one for humans to live by. They then spend an inordinate amount of time persuading perfectly healthy, normal humans that there must be something wrong with them if they do not conform to it – and causing them enormous harm and distress in the process; yet, of course, it makes  quacks like Ken Zucker rich.

It would be amazing if, after millennia of this most ruthless mass brainwashing, many of us did not have such difficulty recognising simple truths about our own sexuality and gender that we live lives of total denial.

This is why bisexuals (in the Western sense) are important. They are one of the only groups in modern society that articulate a sexuality that is neither hidebound by a patriarchal model, nor by the reactive ‘gay’ one.

However, the situation, though illuminated by their example, is far more complex. We are not merely sexually attracted to others of the opposite, or the same, gender presentation. Humans are attracted to other humans. Human sex is not, despite the absurd rantings of clerics, ideologues and patriarchal pseudo-scientists, only about reproduction. We use sex for a huge variety of purposes.

In natural circumstances, we use it to establish and affirm both opposite-gender and same-gender bonds. We use it as reward, for giving other pleasure or support. We use it to give comfort. We use it to give a sense of belonging. Why would we not have sex with anyone we felt like, were we not corrupted by the sordid ‘morality’ of patriarchal religion? Alongside its many social bonding and other benefits, it’s harmless, natural fun.

We do use it to make babies, but that amounts to a tiny percentage of the sex that normal humans have, despite the efforts of such as the Catholic Church.

In the end, the truth is that humans, like our closest relatives the bonobos, are naturally pan-sexual. We are attracted to, and will have sex with, people of any gender, if left to our own devices.

Bisexuals are important because they prove that both the patriarchal ‘straight’ and ‘gay’ narratives are false; but actually, human sex is much more interesting and complex even than that.

These issues will be covered in more depth in my forthcoming book ‘Why Men Made God’, co-authored with Karis Burkowski.

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