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Hello and welcome to the new-look Rod Fleming’s World. This is a simpler, cleaner design than the previous one and I hope it is easy for everyone to use. I will be bringing the daughter sites that were a part of the old design into this one as soon as time permits.

It seems to be a staple of my life that every two years or so, the site self-destructs spectacularly and, after two weeks fighting with it, I surrendered to my fate and rebuilt it. I think it was worth the headache, even if I could barely spare the time!

Using the site

Rod Fleming’s World uses the WordPress CMS, so items are grouped into Pages and Articles (Posts). Below you’ll see snippets of the three most recent articles arranged sequentially. In the  right column there is a Category list, where all the articles are grouped by subject matter. Underneath the Header picture is another menu for site navigation. If you click the Articles link there, then you’ll see them all arranged sequentially. The Archives link leads you to a title-only list of every article published on the site. At the extreme top right there is a search box which allows you to search by keyword.

Other links in the top Menu lead to dedicated subject Pages on the site and through these you can access links to scientific papers and download off-site articles and even whole books.

As you scroll down this page you’ll see a panel for my photography, a panel for my books and finally a panel all about me.

As usual, I’ll continue to give you plenty of varied content. For new visitors, there’s over half a million words on this site, and hundreds of pictures.

Enjoy the site and please use the Contact Form to let me know any suggestions you might have.


Gender Dysphoria: The DSM-V

I have taken the liberty of republishing in full the pages of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (APA DSM-V) which are relevant to Gender Dysphoria. If the APA objects, I’ll take it down, but I publish this in good faith, without alteration or comment, as a public information service. I …

Debunking the Blank Slate

Gender is innate and evolved; it is not the result of ‘socialisation’, as the blank slate ideology contests.  No serious scientist believes the blank slate hypothesis now, other than a few contrarians who allow their political beliefs to overshadow their rigour. The notion that gender — along with a raft of human behaviours — is …

About Me

Pic: Charis O. Fleming

I am a Scottish multimedia artist and writer, with a long career as a freelance journalist and photographer.

I have held staff and executive positions in the national print media.  I write books on a variety of topics in both fiction and non-fiction. I am  active as a writer, photographer, printmaker and publisher.

I graduated with Bachelor of Art with Honours from Edinburgh College of Art in 1983, majoring in sculpture and also pursuing life-drawing, printmaking and film-making.

After graduation I worked  in film-making before returning to photography. Subsequently I worked for a number of national titles on staff and nearly all, as well as internationally, as a freelance. I was one of the launch crew for Scotland On Sunday, and became Picture Editor there.

During this time I also pursued Journalism Studies through Napier University in Edinburgh.

I graduated with a Master of Fine Art degree from Dundee University in 2011, where my practical area was photography and printmaking, especially photogravure.

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