Why would a man not want to date a transwoman?

Something that I have thought about a lot over the last seven years is this: why would a man not want to date a transwomen? I see, practically on a daily basis, the hot stares of men as they scope a ladyboy. Most of the t-girls here are slender, with little in the way of silicone, other than maybe a boob job. Men can’t stop themselves. You can see them sliding their eyes up those long brown legs — and legs are something ladyboys do magnificently, never mind those tight little backsides. They know their good features and they don’t hesitate to show them off — exactly as other women here do.

Most amusing, perhaps, is the Western male,  the Anglo-Saxon particularly (Mediterranean types have a different take on life.) So often I have been sitting in a bar watching one of them, or sometimes sitting in the same company. I saw them fascinated, practically salivating, over a girl nearby, and then their reactions as one of their companions leans forward and murmurs something crass like ‘You’ll get more than you expect with that one, mate, she’s a bloke!’


Instantly, from practically shaking with lust, the transformation occurs: the face screws up angrily, the man shakes his head. But why? The girl didn’t change; she’s as hot as she ever was. In fact she hasn’t even moved, she’s still standing there, looking as drop-dead gorgeous as only a really hot transwoman can.

It’s not lack of attraction

There is a legitimate reason why one might not wish to date any person: lack of attraction or interest. We all respond to our inbuilt attractions and we don’t generally want to pursue, romantically, people who fall outside those. This is maybe a form of objectification, but everyone does it. It’s hardwired into us.

But that was not the point of the question, which was why one would avoid dating a transwoman if one were attracted to her. Our drooling Anglo at the bar couldn’t wait to get his sweaty paws on the toothsome delight before him, in her six-inch heels and legs that go to the moon. No. Our boy was attracted all right.

This is a whole other can of worms. It’s about a man who finds a particular person attractive and interesting enough to want to have sex with, but will not do so because she has — or used to have — non-standard genitalia.

That’s transphobia

That there is pure transphobia, open and shut. Our man doesn’t even want to buy someone, whom he really would like to know physically, even a drink, because she’s trans. That is an irrational fear of transwomen, otherwise known as transphobia.

Tip of the Iceberg

This gorgeous babe has a dick. How is that cheating or deception?

There is an imagined ‘bargain’, in which ‘being attractive as a woman’ implies that one’s genitalia, not normally exposed to view, must be of a certain order. But that reduces all women, not just transwomen, to sex objects that are defined entirely by the nature and history of their genitalia.

This idea, that, having paid a woman sufficient attention, or money, for her to consent to have sex with him, the man has  a right to expect her genitalia to be of a certain order, is pernicious. This is what leads to the increasing numbers of purely cosmetic labial removal surgeries, amongst other absurdities and, in some benighted cultures, far worse. Goodness knows I’m no feminist, but mutilating oneself in such a way, in order to satisfy the social expectations of others, seems to me to be outrageous.

But if women should not be measured by their genitalia, then why should transwomen be so? Many transwomen have Genital Reconstruction Surgery in order to feel more comfortable as women, and to have sex as women. Are they then to be shunned as ‘fakes’ or ‘cheats’ because they used to have something that they went to very great lengths to change?

Transphobia is deadly

Jennifer Laude

Furthermore, this mindset can be lethal to transwomen. Jennifer Laude was killed because her sexual partner, a US Marine on shore leave, discovered that she had a penis — after he had taken his pleasure of her. Very much the same happened to Gwen Araujo.

Transphobia causes harm on a less drastic level too. I have just spent a week* trying to support a friend who was agonising about whether she should tell a man who had been expressing serious hots for her, that she was trans. Of course I advised her to, but I hated myself for doing it, or rather having to. I had no choice because  transphobia can be deadly to transwomen.

My friend was under no moral or ethical obligation to tell the man details about her genitalia. But in order to prevent her getting into a situation in which she might get killed, I had to say that she should inform this man about something that he had no right to know, at least at this stage. Because of transphobia, her genitalia suddenly became the only thing that mattered.

So what if she’s gorgeous, smart, funny, talented, great company, affectionate, loyal and charming? Doesn’t conform to a certain expectation of women, so none of that matters and she had to cry herself to sleep over yet another guy who suddenly lost interest. Telling her that he’s a fool who doesn’t know what he lost out on seems small comfort.

The trouble is, in reducing this lovely woman to the contents of her pants, transphobia does the SAME THING to every other woman. They are also reduced to genitalia, and not just the genitalia they have now, the organs they were born with. Birth genitalia, in this world view, is all that counts. Therefore that’s all a woman is — genitals on legs. How staggeringly presumptuous and demeaning can it get?

Since this article was first published* I have had a great deal of feedback from feminist women, who seem to think that looking like a woman is their prerogative and theirs alone; that transwomen are ‘appropriating their identity’ or ‘colonising their bodies’. I hate to break it to you, sistuhs, I don’t care.  Transwomen have been around for many thousands of years and I don’t imagine they’ll be going away any time soon, so suck it up, buttercup. If a transwoman makes herself more attractive to men than you do, too bad. It’s called competition in the free market.

Gwen Araujo’s murderers — who beat her to death with various implements, including a cast-iron skillet and a shovel before setting her on fire — were egged on by women. Why? Because she ‘usurped’ the status they thought they alone had a right to, by dint of their genitalia?


Gwen Araujo. Beaten to death at the age of seventeen for not having the genitalia some people thought she should have. That is transphobia.

Jennifer Laude and Gwen Araujo  were brutally killed by men who had had sex with them but could not stand the idea of others knowing that they had been intimate with someone with non-standard genitalia. Why would anyone suffer like that? Because of transphobia, that’s why.

These transwomen, and countless  others like them,  were murdered by their lovers because of their expectations. Expectations driven by the people around them, the beer-buddy whispering ‘that’s a man, dude’ and the jealous woman whose spite for what she sees as illegitimate competition led her to encourage a stupid man to think he had been dishonoured — by someone who gave him exactly what he wanted, sex. And that is about as sick as it gets. Seduce a person, achieve your desired end and then kill her because her genitalia don’t look like what your buddies say they should.

Not only is all this transphobic and misogynistic, it is profoundly cowardly because it is all about one thing: fear of penises — and even in the past tense. Big tough manly men indeed, so afraid of a few ounces of human flesh that they will bludgeon a woman to death after having sex with her. It is utterly despicable.


Sooo… you claim to be a straight man, but you’re NOT attracted to her? Really?

So, the only legitimate reason for not dating any woman is that you’re not attracted to her. That’s fair enough. We all have triggers. We should try to be open and fair, and to look beneath the surface, but attraction is instinctive.

Personally, I don’t give a hoot if you don’t like to date transwomen, because you’re a transphobe. But don’t give us the crap about preferences, or ‘dating is about making babies’. You know perfectly well that dating is not primarily about marriage, but about getting your cock serviced and the fact is that a transwoman is just as adept at that as any other woman — and possibly a good deal more so.

Not dating transwomen because you’re transphobic doesn’t make you Adolf Hitler. You’re missing out on a great experience, something that might change your life. If you want to be transphobic, it’s up to you. But stay away from places where there are t-girls, if you are. Avoid those places where transwomen, however they describe themselves, congregate, hoping to meet men. Go and be a monk somewhere. It will be safer — for them; because you know you can’t control yourself and you can’t tell the difference. And, quite frankly, the rest of us will not have to be disgusted by your bigotry.

Just don’t give us the bullshit that your reluctance to date someone because of her genitalia is anything other than transphobia.

And for Christ’s sake, stop killing them.

*This article was first written and published in 2015; it has been completely rewritten



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  1. The dating has different ways in which a lover can always express of what is in their heart. Through this, they can have ways to satisfy their emotions. For they just always communicate through phone calls, video calls and or by email. By this means, they cannot fully satisfy their feelings towards each other.

  2. Wow this is such a militant, biased and emotional article
    “I expect you to respect my views while I call yours ridiculous”

    Hey so I was wondering where the buck stops – try transableism (people believe they’re actually disabled and have to remove their limbs to avoid feeling like they’re in the wrong body, transracialism, transageism etc

    None of this is backed by medical research and that which has been done sees this as a mental disorder, this is all social justice warriors afraid of the fact of mortality, of limitation and ultimately of truth

    We don’t get to choose our race, culture, gender or disabilities. And if someone has disturbed thinking, I don’t want to date them

    And you can’t tell whether or not their thinking is disturbed necessarily by just looking – and if we’re talking about allowing someone to be intimate with me, I should be allowed to know as much as it takes for me to feel comfortable and pull out if I don’t – same as any real girl I would want to ask out. For no reason should she have to sleep with me because she doesn’t want to offend me and there should obviously be no double standard

    As much as you don’t have to accept my views, I don’t have to accept yours and you have no right or medical basis to tell me I’m the delusional one

    1. Well, to start with, transsexualism has indeed been identified and properly described by science. I suggest you read the work of Dr Ray Blanchard. There are two completely distinct conditions in which people born male either desire sex changes or to live as women. The first is true transsexualism or HomoSexual Transsexualism (HSTS). These individuals are attracted to men and are naturally very feminine. The second type are called Autogynephiles. These, which are prominent in the West but much less so elsewhere, are fetishistic crossdressing men.

      Janet Mock is transsexual and Bruce Jenner is autogynephile.

      I certainly would not blame anyone, male or female, for not wishing to date an autogynephile, since these are almost always very obviously men. However this article was really discussing transsexuals, who are women in every way but their birth sex and often highly attractive, as well as being very strongly attracted to men. The fact is that most transsexuals can easily attract men. The question therefore is, ‘if you would date her if you didn’t know she was transsexual, why would you not date her if you did?’ And the only answer to that is bigotry, which you appear close to displaying.

      Just because they tell you something in church doesn’t make it true; rather the opposite, if anything.

      1. I like your article and I was thinking “Wow. Finally a cis guy who gets it.” And then you went on your own little transphobic rage.

        Dr Ray Blanchard’s theories have long been debunked. Ask yourself, “Did I merely refer to this debunked theory because I of my own patriarchally-conditioned expectations.?” Which all said and done sadly reinforces PI’s statement of, “I expect you to respect my views while I call yours ridiculous”.

        But the real scary part is your writing opens on the pretence that your supportive of transgender people,

        1. Well hi, Emily. How nice of you to grace my pages with your lofty presence once more.

          Firstly, I am not ‘cis’. I am a man. this can be differentiated from ‘transman’ by the prefix ‘trans’ in the latter case, if necessary.

          Blanchard has anything but ‘been debunked’ In fact, his Typology is the basis of the DSM-V’s description of the two male forms of dysphoria, though they call them ‘early onset’ and ‘late onset’ rather than ‘homosexual’ and ‘autogynephilic’ respectively. However, in all other regards, they are precisely as Blanchard defined them. Blanchard simply goes from strength to strength, despite the efforts of delusional blokes in skirts like you, ‘Emily’.

          There is no ‘patriarchy’ at least, not in the West. I don’t give a fuck if you ‘respect’ my views or not: you are a man with a serious mental disorder who thinks he is a woman. I’ve as much interest in the local fruitcake who thinks he’s Napoleon ‘respecting’ me. Frankly, it might be more entertaining than the relentless grind of autogynephilic men like you, wallowing in self delusion, self-loathing and self-absorption.

          ‘Transgender’ is a meaningless word, in a world where a girl with short hair thinks that makes her so. Autogynephilic men like you need help, but not for one minute do I think that ‘transition’ will do so. You are a transvestite, please deal with it. Get your woman suit on and crack one off to the mirror.

          Given that ‘transgender’ is a meaningless term, I can neither support nor not support it. However, I do very much support Transsexuals. These are, in Blanchard terms, HomoSexual TransSexuals (HSTS) or, in DSM-V, those with ‘early onset’ dysphoria. The evidence strongly suggests that these have some form of innate intersexualism that causes a number of changes, eg, their natural femininity, natural petiteness, tendency towards feminised digit ratios, and, of course, their female sexuality and concomitant desire for men (in MtF).

          Since gender is the outward expression of sexuality, these individuals naturally feel most comfortable as women, and those who do not transition, that is, gender-conforming homosexuals, suffer varying degrees of Gender Dysphoria. This is because Homosexual Gender Dysphoria is caused by a mismatch between sexuality and gender. (Non-homosexual Gender dysphoria in males, what you have, ‘Emily’, is the product of a narcissistic paraphilia called, wait for it, Autogynephilia.) You bear NO RELATIONSHIP to HSTS, so stop pretending you do.

          It’s always so nice to hear from a bitter, self-loathing, transvestite autogynephile like you ‘Emily’; it reminds me of whom and what I am campaigning for — True Transsexuals, not brickies in tights. Have fun being a transvestite, but do not pretend to be transsexual or a woman. You cannot be these things. You’re a straight bloke in a frock with a severe mental disorder.

  3. I think I have a right to know that who I was dating was always a woman. Why? Because I want biological children and morally, that transgender person is still physically the other sex. I would be hurt to learn after I pursued a woman, that I had engaged in sexual activities with a man! That I have been tricked…because that person is still a man, and no manner of surgeries, paperwork, or brain activity would change that. In that case, I would be the victim of deciet!

    1. The stupid in this response is almost funny. Gosh you think that your precious little ‘manhood’ has rights over women? Any women? It doesn’t. Actually nobody is under any moral obligation to tell you anything about their past, unless they are carrying an STD that might harm you and that’s only for sexual relations. Certainly no transwoman is under a moral obligation to tell you she has or had a dick, although I advise that they do, so that blinkered morons like you don’t beat them to death. While a few autogynephilic men do pursue relationships with men, almost all transsexuals who would date a man are Blanchard HSTS or true transsexuals. They are not, and never were, men, even though they were born male. Nobody is born a man, you mutt, we LEARN it. Just like women learn to be women. Sex is innate, gender is learned behaviour. That simple. So your precious whingeing about having ‘pursued a woman and whatever with a man’ is just transphobic horseshit. However the solution for you is simple: don’t date, have sex with or marry any woman, and that way the stupid you are carrying will be kept out of the gene pool. Do the right thing.

  4. Complete bullshit in this entire article. So you expect to respect your choices as a trans, but my choice as a straight male mean have transphobia. Get real. Sorry fun fact here no matter what you change on the outside you can never change the inside. Trans people will always have their birth gender written into their DNA. A trans woman will never be a real woman and a trans man will never be a real man. So how about you people stop trying to shame people into dating trans.

    1. Well, for the record I am not, nor have I ever been, trans in any way at all. So your little transphobic rant seems somewhat redundant. Oh but look, your stupid is showing. ‘Trans people will always have their birth gender written into their DNA’. Fuckwit, NOBODY has their gender written into their DNA. They have their SEX written into their chromosomes. Gender is a set of LEARNED BEHAVIOURS, and you don’t have to be born female to have learned to be a woman (feminine gender) or be male to have LEARNED to be a man. Furthermore, no true transsexual, who are the ones interested in men, I have ever met, significantly more than the ZERO that you have, has ever claimed to be a ‘real woman’. Not one. I know Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner does, but he’s not even a true transsexual, far less any kind of a woman.

      Frankly I would never ‘shame’ someone into dating anyone, and anyway, TS women do not need bigoted pricks like you in their lives. So off you go and suck your thumb, cause you’re way too fat to reach your cock — and I’m sure nobody else is servicing that for you, bud.

  5. As a person who desires 4-6 biological children, I think I have a right to turn down someone politely for not being able to give me children. I am petrified of having fertility issues anyway because of how horribly expensive it is to have babies with so many problems like what my friends have. To me, I would have a hard time continuing a relationship with a cisman if he had a vasectomy, actually, as sad as it is, I probably couldn’t continue. Especially if I was not made aware of the fact that he can never have children with me. As much as it would break my heart or make me feel bad, I know I want to try to have children naturally. And as some people have not yet had the surgery and may still have female genitalia, I would turn them down based of off a sexual preference that can’t be met at the time, but not simply because of who/what they are as a transgender. I understand both sides of the argument.

  6. since the brain of transgendered women are partly female in structure and partly male, and the chromosomes are male, I would like to know why transwomen want to be identified as “women”; why not be called “intersex”? comfortable with being called simply a “transwoman” or “intersex”? I understand the desire to be like everyone else, but there are many people who are different in a myriad of ways….why do you HAVE to be part of the binary?

    1. Firstly, this is a whopping misrepresentation: ‘the brain of transgendered women are partly female in structure and partly male’. NO. In fact only the brains of one group of transwomen differ from standard male brains. These individuals are known as ‘homosexual transsexuals’ or ‘Blanchard HSTS’. I just call them ‘transsexual’ because the homosexual adjunct is tautologous.

      There is another group, called ‘non-homosexual transsexuals’, ‘autogynephiles’ or (if they crossdress, they don’t all) transvestite autogynephiles. These are an apparent majority in the West. These have absolutely standard male brains. You will find the relevant studies, by Savic & Arver, Rametti et al, and Guillamon et al on my ‘Links’ page.

      While we can argue therefore that there is a case for some transwomen to be classified as having a form of brain intersex (see Guillamon 2016), this ONLY applies to those who are strictly androphilic, ie attracted only to men. These are the classic transsexuals or Blanchard HSTS. Unfortunately, autogynephilic transwomen (more properly ‘transvestite ayutogynephiles’) have repeatedly tried to twist the data to suggest that they have these brain anomalies too. THEY DO NOT. Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner’s brain is 100% male. I make this point fiurmly because the ‘we have female brains’ is a standard trope utilised by autogynephilic activists and there is not a word of truth in it. They don’t.

      Regarding your next point, interestingly, most transsexuals are happy to accept that they are male in origin and not ‘real women’. A few, who have been listening to too many USican gender-preachers, might disagree, but in my experience they are rare. The insistence on being a ‘real woman’ is a reasonably good indicator that the claimant is autogynephilic. These do try to claim the ‘intersex’ identity, but that is offensive both to transsexuals and more importantly to the many people who have congenital intersexual conditions. I personally think it would be far better if everyone agreed on ‘transwoman’ as you have spelled it, one word. But I am routinely attacked for this reasonable point of view.

      Re ‘the binary’, we all are a part of it because we evolved that way. The sexual binary is what allows us to reproduce and the only reason we are here is to do so. The basic sexual binary evolved into a set of social, sexual and person behaviours that we call ‘gender’ at least as early as the Middle Palaeolithic (See Kuhn and Stiner) and this division of social roles on the basis of sex is what has made humans so successful as a species. We cannot dispense with ‘the binary’ because it is innately a part of us.

      To understand modern Snowflake Culture, it is necessary to understand that the gender binary is not strictly men/women. As was identified by Prof Don Kulick, it is better described as ‘men/not-men’. In this model, ‘men’ are a strictly policed gender with specific roles they are expected to play socially, sexually and culturally. They are expected to be hunters and leaders, to be adventureres, to be sexually successful and even promiscuous, to be competitive, to be willing to fight in defence of personal ‘honour’ and that of the group, and to die, if necessary, protecting the group. These are all masculine males. The ‘not-men’ group is led by women but also contains the weaker and less masculine males (‘beta-males), the homosexuals and so on. This dichotomy is widely visible across the planet and there is plenty of literature on it.

      When we look at Snowflake Culture we see that it consists ONLY of ‘not-men’. It is led by dominant women, who are often lesbians. It contains all the other women but also gay males. The proponents of ‘non-binary’ culture like to suggest that this model means that the binary is redundant but in fact it is only ONE HALF of the binary. It just has cut out all the men.

      This model is not new; it has existed many times in the past and in each and every one, it has been destroyed when a masculine culture that has preserved its aggressive ‘men’ group has attacked it. We see this from the third millennium BCE in Mesopotamia, through ancient Greece, Crete, Cyprus, Europe, again and again. Each and every time, these cultures fell to aggressive, sociophagic patriarchal cultures.

      That is exactly what we are seeing in Europe today. A weakened culture that has had its men emasculated is being challenged by a virulent patriarchal one, in which the warlike tendencies of men are positively rewarded. That culture is called Islam. Sweden has already fallen and within the decade, other states will have too. Civil war in Europe is inevitable and insurrection is already widespread. However, as long as Europeans retain their emasculated culture they will not be able to fight back and the chances are high, now, that Western Europe at least will not survive.

      In short terms, we need the binary and by implication its patriarchy, in order to defend our culture from others that would destroy it. It’s simple human nature.

      1. But the extreme binary that exists in Islam is to the detriment of women. Women have almost no power at all and are at the mercy of their husbands. So where do we draw the line?

        1. In the first place, this article was written in 2015, before the current rash of absurd Snowflake ‘gender identities’ spewed across the internet. In those days there were transwomen, born male but appearing to be and living as women, and transmen, born female but appearing to be and living as men. These have nothing to do with the Snowflake ‘gender rainbow’, which is completely specious.

          In fact, transwomen, particularly those we call ‘HSTS’, transsexuals, or ‘homosexual transsexuals’ support the gender binary, because gender is rooted partly in physical sex but also largely in sex drive. So if you are a male with a woman’s sexual desire for men, ie homosexual, then, if you are good-looking enough, you might reasonably decide to appear to be a pretty girl in order to attract straight male partners. Blaire White was not around back then, but she’s a fair example. People like this are not challenging the sex or gender binary in any way at all — and are hated for it by radical feminists, who have the loony-tunes notion that the gender binary can be done away with.

          The above is also largely true of transmen — they are essentially lesbians on steroids who pursue straight women.

          The presence, notably in the West, of another group of transwomen, called ‘transvestite autogynephiles’ does confuse the issue somewhat. However, their impulse is also driven by male libido, but this time it is fixated on themselves, as women. These are essentially fetishistic crossdressers who have lost the plot; they are not transsexual at all. However, they too support the conventional gender binary — and are also hated for it by radfems.

          As regards Islam, yes, it is a horrible, misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic, slaving, paedophilic death cult that detests free thought and speech. Therefore it is the natural ally of today’s Snowflake ‘SJWs’, the modern equivalent of Hitler’s Brownshirts — and it is worth noting that Hitler was also much enamoured of the vile creed of Islam.

          Naturally, I would like to see Islam removed, not just from the West but from the planet or, failing that and very much as a second-best option, turned into a form that is compatible with civilised society, which Sunni Islam as presently constituted, never can be. As to ‘where do we draw the line’, I personally would say at zero tolerance of Islam. However, I did not mention Islam in the article either.

          Thanks anyway.

  7. No if your a Straight man and you date a tranny your not fucking straight your bisexual pan or gay. Do you, but stop co opting and telling straight men what they should like. Live YOUR life but straight man will never accept you as a woman and yes, having a dick or not reallly really fucking matters. We want to have sex with women meaning vagina not a fake one or a dick. We want to know a WOMAN and we will never see you as one. The moment a “straight” man accepts your an actual woman and wants date and get sexual, he is basically coming out of the closest as something OTHER than STRAIGHT. I do not agree with the violence against trans people. We need to combat that desperately. But also stop trying to convince straight men it’s ok to date trans people. It’s ok to do that but when you do you are no longer straight period

    1. My we are the excitable little thing, aren’t we? Well, I’m a heterosexual man with male sexuality and I have no difficulty with dating and having sex with HSTS transwomen. Every other man I’ve every spoken to, who is in a relationship with an HSTS transwoman, or has had one, is the same. They pass the duck test — if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and fucks like a duck, it’s a duck. Period.

      You sound like you are very young, possibly never having had sex. Or maybe you just have difficulty in that direction. Perhaps you’re lacking in confidence; you are certainly lacking it in your sexuality. So here are a few things to remember: a well lubricated anus is just as good as a vagina and it’s not off duty a quarter of the month; HSTS transwomen are delightful and, today, make better partners than the average Western natal woman, who thinks she’s a man anyway; HSTS can’t get pregnant, so if you don’t want kids, are a perfect choice; nobody — I mean nobody — gives BJ like a tranny; and a transwoman will love you heart and soul, be your shield and buckler, support you in the rough times and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is accept her for what she is — a woman. What could be simpler?

      Finally, watch your manners here. I don’t know which internet sewer you swim in regularly, but here we insist on politeness and respect. Consider that your last warning.

  8. psychologists say that men who date trans women are not gay because the trans woman presents as feminine and the penis is a sexual trigger for straight men (this has evolutionary reasons). at the same time, however, if the man looks specifically for a pre-op trans woman with a penis, i would personally have to wonder why…..but apparently its not gayness

    1. Linda I have done a few articles discussing the reasons why straight men find transwomen attractive. I think you are right about the penis as sexual trigger, but there is also an element of narcissism. All men are in love with their penises and seeing one on a feminine object of desire clearly stimulates their own auto-eroticism, while the absence of masculine features avoids stimulating the same-sex revulsion that all straight men have. (In my case, I much prefer very small ones which are ‘neat and dainty’; big is gross.) They are also not unpleasant to play with in the mornings — I mean, we enthusiastically play with our own, what’s the big deal with a little variety?

      Having said that, straight men in relationships with pre-operative transwomen (always HSTS btw) invariably struggle with ‘vagina desire’. No matter how hot and sexy they find their partners to be, there is always that desire for the sensations only a vagina can provide. I think, sadly, this wrecks many relationships and in others, the couple have to arrange a system whereby the man is allowed to have access to vaginal sex eg by employing a prostitute. But that is really tough on the girl.

      I freely admit I have not yet resolved this conundrum myself. I know I don’t want another family and I can’t deny a young woman her children; at the same time I have no interest in spending the rest of my life looking after her previous mistakes, no matter how cute they are. I have already done my duty to the species in that regard. Transwomen provide a practical, and highly desirable alternative, but, while the sex is excellent and HSTS transwomen really are adorable, often with bodies that are breathtaking, there is always that darn pussy desire.

      We men are weird.

  9. i had never once heard of the pussy desire…i didnt know it existed in straight men dating trans women. wow. if you dont want to have more kids or take care of a womans kids, why not date a woman who is older and has grown kids? you look to be about 60 ish? a woman in her 50s would probably have grown kids and in asia, i bet you could find some very attractive ones.

    1. Hi Linda: thanks but no thanks lol. I’ll fight the pussy desire. It’s manageable. I much prefer younger women, and in any case, Asian women have a reputation for cutting off the supply of sex when they menopause. This actually appears to contribute to elevated rates of pederastic homosexuality amongst the men; you might be surprised how many ladyboys were deflowered at the age of 12 by a relative or neighbour. It’s not even slightly uncommon and is often sought by the younger partner (sense of adventure). Wealthier men may use prostitutes or ‘second wives’ — women whom they keep in an apartment or house, with a regular financial stipend, on the understanding that they be available for sex as and when. Quite often a man will have several second wives, depending on his own wealth. This pattern has been recorded for hundreds of years. Don’t let anyone fool you that prostitution in se Asia is because of Europeans; local men have been using them time out of mind.

      I don’t really like to employ prostitutes and I fail to see any point at all in developing a relationship with a woman where daily sex is not an understood, ongoing part of the bargain. Without sex and intimacy, it’s just friendship, if that. I have nothing against friendship and have many women friends, but I’m not about to marry any of them. Given the situation, ladyboys are a reasonable compromise. They are very willing and usually more than competent in bed.

      1. So then…the only reason you prefer ladyboys is due to the children issue? Sorry I dont remember if you covered this in your article. Also, you say you do not wish to employ a prostitute but given your age, if you are with a young person, isnt it understood that they will be compensated? Isnt this prostitution?

        1. No, there are other qualities in transwomen that I find attractive. It is not a matter only of avoiding further children I wrote about this in a fact/fiction book called The Warm Pink Jelly Express Train https://gumroad.com/l/warm-pink-jelly

          All relationships between men and women do involve an exchange based on sex; this need not necessarily be entirely financial, although precious few women anywhere would settle for a penniless wastrel. By your analogy, though, all marriage would be prostitution; I suspect that is not what you mean. In a good relationship, a man supports his wife financially and materially, she supports her husband sexually and emotionally.

          Having said that, you should not imagine that the world runs by the bizarre and frankly diseased norms of USica. Here in Asia, an older partner is prized, especially by ladyboys, for a number of reasons. They are likely to be financially stable and most unlikely to run off with a natal woman when their biological clock kicks in. Many ladyboys and women generally, everywhere, do have massive daddy issues and naturally gravitate towards more mature men; it is only social intolerance in the West that prevents this from being more obvious there, but if you read the classic literature of the 19thy century, the heroines are typically teenage girls and the heroes men in their fifties, cf Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice, not to mention Gone With the Wind or War and Peace. The modern ‘age appropriate’ notion is a recent USican invention and another the world can absolutely do without. Two inexperienced, immature people trying to make a partnership is fraught from the off; multiply the risk of catastrophic failure by a degree of magnitude in a culture where feminism has already destroyed the traditional family.

        2. To amplify a little, it might be that you are only familiar with Western Autogynephilic transvestites (AGPs) and not True or HSTS transsexuals. The latter do exist in the West in significant numbers but because of massive social intolerance they are almost always in stealth, living as women, their backgrounds secret. HSTS in the West can easily be naturally feminine enough to ‘pass’ all their lives. Most AGPs couldn’t pass on a bus in the dark.

          Asian women, especially those from southeast Asia, can be breathtakingly gorgeous and MtF HSTS are the most beautiful women in Asia. That simple. They are literally icons of feminine beauty, which is why their faces and figures grace fashion magazines and advertising all over the region. IF you add their physical beauty, their undeniable libido and insatiable desire for a man to penetrate them, to the facts that they are enthusiastic partners of older men and will forever give their sweet little hearts and souls to one, provided he treats them as women in every way and DOES NOT CHEAT, then maybe you begin to see some of the attraction.

          We get to wake up next to the most stunningly gorgeous women in the world and all they ask is a little affection and 100% loyalty. Well, OK a LOT of affection; but what’s OK for cats is OK for ladyboys. There are times when I look at my wife sleeping, the morning light caressing her cheek and cry. How did God manage to create such beauty? I don’t know, but he made a believer out of me by doing it.

          I can’t help but wonder if the situation here will take over the West, rather than USica corrupting everywhere else, as it usually does. My that would be a turn-up; feminist man-hating harpies replaced by beautiful loving women who want nothing more than to bear a man’s children, ghastly faux-masculine ‘gay men’ replaced by stunning HSTS transwomen. That is showing more than a few signs of actually happening. Lovely!

          We do have to break down the false taboo — created by jealous women — that there is something wrong with a man having sex with a woman who has a penis. But I assure you, after the first time a man enters such a voluptuous palace as hers, there is no going back. Nearly all the men I know who date ladyboys are conventional, straight men. Little by little they change. It starts, they date a ladyboy then go back to girls. Then maybe, it’s 25% ladyboys. Pretty soon it’s 75%. And then they say fuck it and just go with the flow. Yes, to get this ramble back on point, we do miss the pussy; pussy desire is intrinsic to a straight man. But sex with a ladyboy, at the end of the day, is the best of all. One has to make a few sacrifices in life, n’est-ce pas?

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