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Rod Fleming Photographs new home screen

If you look over to the right of your screen you’ll see some beautiful photographs have appeared. (That’s if you’re on a PC; if you’re on a mobile device, scroll down. You’ll get there. This site’s theme is ‘fully responsive’ but there’s no way to make a site render the same way on a 1600×1200 monitor as on a 5-inch phone screen.) At last, a really nice WordPress theme that does the job for photographers.

As a result of this happy event, I’ll be uploading regularly to Rod Fleming Photographs. I will try to upload twice a week; this may take some time.

The blog repeater on the right will update with the new posts instantly, but since this blog is mirrored on Tumblr and other locations that don’t have that, I will post weekly updates about this. So here’s the first.

It’s been a long hard search but at last, really good WordPress themes that are actually targeted towards photographers and do a decent job of showcasing are now available. That one is called Photolog. It’s free, so easy to set up and, as you can see, it does what it says on the box, shows off pictures in a clean, stylish visual environment.

It does make me pause that I can at last, in 2017, have the functionality, simplicity and visual appeal of a site I could code in Dreamweaver 10 years ago, but hey. It’s the internet, and blog systems do have many advantages.

This has solved a big problem for me, as it means I don’t have to rely on off-site solutions to showcase photographs (although I do maintain a Flickr account too.) Since Facebook decided, arbitrarily, to ditch 5 years of work earlier this year with no reason they could give, I am very dubious about the big blue sea of incompetency and virtue-signalling political correctness; no, I don’t think I’ll be enhancing its business by giving it content to wrap its ads round.

So here we go.

July 23, 2017

west coast photographs

2010-08-15 West Coast Road trip with Charis

July 22, 2017

St Andrews Photographs

2009-08-14 Saint Andrews, Scotland

arayat photographs

2016-01-04: Arayat National Park, Pampanga

ladyboys photographs

2016-03-16 An afternoon by the sea with Ladyboys


July 21, 2017

Pasig Palenke Photographs

2017-01-27 Pasig Wet Market (Palenke), Philippines

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