YouTube Updates: 15-22 July 2017

This week’s roundup of YouTube fun, with descriptions. If you like, please like and share.

21 July 2017

Dating women in Asia 2: Where to meet

If you’re seeking a partner and have decided to look overseas, southeast Asia is a good place to look. Here are some tips about where you might meet your match.

20 July 2017

Transgender: ch-ch-ch-changes

Sometimes people ask me how it is possible for Asian ladyboys and other TS can look so damn hot when actually they are male. And I have met no shortage of men who have been fooled. This is a fun video showing you how all this happens.

The people in this are actually cross-dressers, that is, they’re not taking hormones (indeed, at least one is a model just doing this for work). So, gentlemen, if you are cruising Bangkok, remember it is called that for a reason…

19 July 2017

Transgender: sexual awakening

All forms of genuine transsexualism (rather than made-up Snowflake genders) are rooted in sex drive. So is the moment we become sexually aware critical to our later sexual development?

18 July 2017

Language matters. Political Correctness is a tactical attempt to subvert it

The way we describe things is important. Political Correctness is a tactical attempt, by the Left, to deny its opponents the language they need to counter its strategic agenda. As such it amounts thought policing and we need to destroy it.

There are no valid arguments for the Left’s Communist agenda, which masquerades as ‘Social Justice’. Communism has been tried and it failed, spectacularly, at the cost of hundred of millions of lives, a toll that makes Hitler look like an amateur. But the Left doesn’t want to be reminded of that fact, so it attempts to make it impossible to present a counter-argument by conditioning the ‘acceptable’ language such that only its point of view appears valid.

17 July 2017

Jack Vettriano, George Wylie and real art

For centuries now, intellectual snobs have been deciding what people should like in art. The result is Damien Hirst and galleries full of unbelievable shit. But here are good artists, and the only viable test of artistic quality is the market — if a lot of people like it, it’s probably good

16 July 2017

Dating women in Asia: What to expect

Are you a single man, over fifty? Are you dissatisfied with the dating pool in the Wst? Many men like you seek partners in South-east Asia.

What kind of women can you expect to meet there? Part one of a field guide.

16 July 2017

Zen and the Art of Bullfighting

Robert M Pirsig, hammers and debunking Postmodernism in all its vile forms

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