Rod Fleming: A message and update to all my fans

rod flemingFirst, let me say hello and welcome. If you are a long-term follower of this site, Rod Fleming’s World, then thank you. This little message is to tell you about some things that are happening right now in my life and my site.

As you may know, I had, previously, a number of blog sites which were all consolidated into this one. This has been successful in that I can at least maintain my schedule of two or more blog posts per week here. This is quite hard as a serious post will take at least a half day or a day to prepare and write, more if specific research is required.


rod fleming youtube channel





I have begun expanding my YouTube channel

This will cover many of the topics I discuss here, but in a slightly different way. At the moment I am uploading every weekday, but this will probably settle to two posts a week. I also post on Vimeo but upload times and limited storage there mean that this is less frequent.

The problem is not the remote sites but my connection here; however, I have been told that we shall have a fibre connection this year — yahoo! Once (if) that happens then I will upload more and to more sites.

I’ll post weekly updates of the videos, with embedded links here. You can comment on the videos themselves or here. I also have a Twitter account: @rod_fleming

I am not a particularly conscientious Twitter user, though I do check at least once a day. I don’t have a public Facebook profile now: I spent a lot of time trying to develop a presence for this site there, with hundreds of pictures, which was entirely lost when Facebook decided, for no reason they could give, to terminate that whole account. My advice to anyone thinking of that site for anything more than a short-term boost to earnings elsewhere is: Don’t.

I have set up an account on Instagram : Rod Fleming @rodafleming

I am also on Flickr, where the pictures lost on Facebook will hopefully be better treated. Some galleries are already up.

I am on Patreon, here: .

I have an account on Google Plus here.

I like G+ but as soon as I get used to the way they do things, they change it — not always for the better. But please add me to your circles, that way you’ll get regular updates and posts.

For media interests, I am also on Journalisted:

Rod Fleming’s World

rod fleming world

This site will remain as it is, a broad-based publication that covers the areas that interest me and, I hope, you too. I am happy to do specific articles for both the site and as videos, so please, if you want me to discuss a particular topic, do send me a message. You can use the contact form below or my general business email at

You’re going to see some subtle changes here. First, the categories are going to be rationalised a bit. Second, you’re going to see many more posts and pages featuring my own photography and other artwork. Some of this will be featured on my YouTube channel.

I will (of course) continue to write about the usual subjects of Living in France, Sex & Gender, Politics and Religion here. However, I intend to expand the Travel section with much more information, articles and pictures. This is because I am travelling more than before and want to expand this.

Fifty-Two of the Best

For you regular readers, I have prepared a bumper compendium e-book, which will be available from this site by August (perhaps before.) It’s called ‘Fifty-Two of the Best’ and, as the name implies, it’s my selection of the best reads from this site, going back to the beginning of this year. (You have to set limits.) It’s a great way to take the best of Rod Fleming’s World with you, anywhere, without worrying about an internet link. You can just carry the e-book on your phone or laptop. I recommend FB Reader, if you don’t have a dedicated app.

Fifty-Two of the Best will be free to download from here, but this poor struggling writer would certainly appreciate it if you would donate the price of a beer to my PayPal by clicking here.

Supporting Rod Fleming

The PayPal Donations button is going to appear in all my posts from now on. I am resisting the temptation to splatter advertising all over the site but I do need to eat. So if you enjoy an article, please contribute. Or just buy a book from the links on the left. That way you get something tangible. If you really like what I do, then please support independent journalism by contributing on Patreon. That way you’ll get special videos, posts and other offers.

All of my books are available as eBooks through Amazon Kindle or direct from the site here. (Some are exclusive to the Amazon Kindle programme, but just follow the links.) Most are also available as perfect-bound hardbacks from Amazon or any good online or retail bookseller, in most parts of the world, via the ISBN number.

PlashMill Press

plashmill pressI have put theĀ  PlashMill Press site back online, in a different format.

PlashMill Press publishes my own and others’ books. I also accept commissions for proofreading, editorial reading, editing, publishing consultancy, print and e-book design and typesetting and other services through PlashMill and its imprints.

Plashmill was one of the unfortunate casualties of my divorce and it has been very hard to go back to it. But I think it is a worthwhile service to potential authors who want something a bit more distinctive than the somewhat mechanistic output of other sites. My work is always very personalised.

This is not ‘vanity publishing’ if I think your work is too bad to consider, I will advise you to reconsider it. I do charge and a scale of fees is available on the site. If you would like to know more, please use the contact form on that site or email

All inquiries are treated in confidence.

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