French Onion Soup! (At Last!)

french-onion-soup-coverFrench Onion Soup! is here at last!!!! My hilarious, quirky, must-read book about a crazy Scotsman living the French Dream with his family, is at last available as both a print and e-book. Yaaay! You can buy it HERE on



It has been a huge amount of work, but I have already begun the sequel, which will be just as funny.

Since it’s Christmas, Hanukah, Saturnalia, Yule or Solstice (depending on your own particular penchant) soon, I’m going to give you all a present. You can download the French Onion Soup! e-book This offer is now closed, but you can buy a copy here. from this website right up till the 25th of December. How cool is that? So you get to read it, and keep the copy for as long as you like, even share it with your friends, for free gratis and zipola. I won’t even hassle you for an email address.

This offer is now closed, but you can buy a copy here.

It would be really sweet of you, though, if you’d please leave a review of the book at Amazon. Here’s the link. Just croll down till you see the big yellow ‘review’ button. You don’t have to buy the book from Amazon to leave a review, but you do have to have an account there.

Print copies are available here (the link just takes you to Amazon’s page, they will fulfill your order.) I do not supply books directly.

Here’s the Launch Press release:

Scottish author Rod Fleming has launched his new book, ‘French Onion Soup!’ The book is a collection of hilarious anecdotes about his life with his family in France.

Rod said, ‘When we first moved to France we were completely naïve. We had quite the learning experience!’

Arriving with his wife and two-year old son, Rod had to deal with the language, finding a house, the French legal system and every other aspect of life in France.

‘There weren’t really any self-help books back then,’ he explained. ‘About the best you could do was read Peter Mayle’s “A Year in Provence” then dive in and hope for the best. “French Onion Soup!” is the book I wish I’d had then—it’s funny but very true and gives a real feel of what life is actually like in a French village.’

‘French Onion Soup!’ is available as a print book from Amazon and also as an e-book through the Kindle Store.

To celebrate the launch, Rod will make ‘French Onion Soup!’ available free as an e-book through his website at He said, ‘The free e-book is exactly the same as the Kindle version, with the full text, and it’s not limited in any way. It’s a genuine offer, so please take it up, and if you like the book, tell your friends.’ The free e-book offer will run up till Christmas.

‘France is Britain’s closest neighbour but life is very different there. There are many pitfalls to trap the unwary and we found ourselves looking over the edge of quite a few,’ Rod said. “French Onion Soup!” is like a cross between “Clochemerle’” and ‘”The Darling Buds of May.”’

Eventually settling into a sixteenth-century village house in Burgundy, Rod and his family quickly set to making a go of it. ‘The house was a wreck but it was fabulous, with a spiral stone staircase and even a tower. We just fell in love with it. We were lucky that the village we chose was—and is—one of the most friendly, welcoming places I have ever lived.’

Shortly after moving in, Rod’s wife gave birth to their second child. ‘It’s not so straightforward, dealing with a completely different Health Service when your language is still shaky,’ he said, ‘So we had a few entertaining moments. But the doctors and nurses were fantastic.’

The book discusses wine, food, the affouage—a unique way of gathering winter fuel—French lawyers, renegade mules and many other areas of Burgundian life, in a quirky and hilariously funny style. ‘I have at least another two books’ worth of stories about France, and I’m drafting the sequel to “French Onion Soup!” now.’ said Rod. ‘It won’t be the last, by any means.’

Rod Fleming’s first book, ‘Poaching the River’ was published in 2006 to critical acclaim and is available through all good booksellers as both a print and e-book. “French Onion Soup!” and Rod’s other books are also available through, and his own website at

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